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  1. After I had installed my new Mechman alternator yesterday I was running my system and noticed one of my four JP23.1 went into protect. Since I have the plexi glass back I could see the internals and nothing looks charred nor burnt. The amp was gain set using the SMD DD1 and I'm still running all the amps at 2ohm loads per amp. It sucks cause I was getting ready for a show this Saturday and now I won't be able to fully play my system since I'm down an amp. Is there anything else I can check or do to see if I can get this amp to come out of protect? My voltage prior to installing the Mechman alt never dropped below 13.6v. When I installed the mechman I was running a constant 14.2v. Are these amps known for just prematurely failing? Its sucks cause these amps aren't even a full 4 months old yet and to known I'm gonna miss a show due to one failing on me kinda has me bummed out. Been working all year to get to this point and then bam I still can't compete due to some unforeseen issue.
  2. That may change once I go to .5ohms on those JP23. I think when Willson Audio did his benchmark on them they were getting up in the 3500 rms range. And with 4 of them at close to 14k, I wanna make sure I have the power to sorta keep up. At least for the time being till I can save more cash.
  3. Yeah I reached out to Mechman and they basically said that the 400 is comparable to the 370 but doesn't have the powder coated housing and what not. And yeah this alt will strictly be used on my stereo side. I'll order it tomorrow for sure.
  4. Alternator question time Mechman E series 370 vs 400 which way should I go? This will be a secondary alt for my 2007 Suburban that I'm already running dual factory 150a alts on. I have the sub amps ((4) JP23.1 @2ohm) on a pair of Dekka Intimidator group 31 batteries. On full tilt my voltage goes from 14.5 to about 13.8. I now want to run the amps at .5ohm since my subs are dual 1ohm. I'll eventually move away from the AGM batteries to Lithium, but I think for now my smart money move is towards a beefier H.O. Alt would seem more appropriate vs more batteries. Is there a difference between the 400 vs the 370? This truck is still a driver and I listen to music so it's not a burp build. It's a cruise around town beating down the block, that I will occasionally compete with.
  5. Anyone here running the JP23.1 amp at .5 ohm load? If so what are you seeing on current draw?
  6. Congrats on the new truck Steve. I love the new Caddie too. If I wasn't trying to buy a house here in the next year or so I would totally love to get a new ride. Even used that Caddie is out of my budget, but a 2015 Burban would be more my style anyway since I enjoy the bigger space. I can't wait to see what you do with this as far a sound upgrades, but I will indeed be paying attention to this for possible future ideas when I get my new truck.
  7. Holy fuck Bear's fans. Y'all just gave up 3 touchdowns in less than 50 seconds. I mean the Patriots are good, but your fucking Bears are making them look unstoppable.

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I didn't give up shit but positive feelings for that team. It sounds crazy but the defense was only exposed because the offense can't stay on the field.

  8. Thank you to everyone that it over last night. It made me feel better.

  9. Finally

    1. LT.Smoke


      Damn you been gone for a HOT minute

  10. He had to give her easter kisses.

  11. Anyone know where I can buy some really big tires at? I need some 295/30/26r size tires? I have some 305/30/26r that are brand new with the stickers still on them that I can trade in to reduce the cost of the smaller tires.

  12. Oh my its almost time for the great new year facebook purge. I wonder who will and won't make the cut.

    1. Raptorman


      I have like 60 something people on my block list. Swaggots are no bueno.

    2. KillaCam


      Fuckin "swag"...

    3. Raptorman


      Because I'll still see their swaggotry on other people's posts and such. Or see people like their posts and have it come up on my feed.

  13. To my jennings folks. You know its sad when you run into Kevin Liedell and he's still lying. I mean its sorta sad yet still funny at the same time.

  14. It won't show any difference because the dyno measures horsepower and torque, not power-to-weight. Thanks. That's indeed something that I've learned new today.
  15. nope. Im done with the Dyno. besides, on a Dyno, i don't see how the extra weight would affect it that much. It probably affects it more on the road then on a rolling metal wheel LOL also, with the system installed, the car probably will never see a track. I don't mind though, its FAST enough and gets faster when i hit that little spray bottle Thanks.
  16. Had a blast tonight with you Christa and company. And that beer does have a bit of a kick to it.

  17. Are you going to get the car re-dynoed after this is done to see how much of a performance drop the car took from the added weight of the sound system? Just wondering.
  18. In my monday kick ass mode

    1. BeatBox


      im in my pay bills and be kinda broke mode

  19. As of 5/3/2012 I was officially granted my divorce. On 6/3/2012 that order will be final and this terrible chapter of my life closed.

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    2. KillaCam


      That mean shes free? I mean if she wanted to see someone she could?

    3. Bigsix


      got any pics of the X? whats her rack look like?

  20. Yeah I'm still up and can't sleep. My stomach hurts and I've been throwing up. I may have to call into work tomorrow if I can't get no rest.

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    2. KillaCam
    3. doodcody


      there are a lot of transgenders going around the site lately, second one in two days!

    4. doodcody


      there are a lot of transgenders going around the site lately, second one in two days!

  21. I truly know what its like to be in home yet still be homeless. Its like winning the lottery then the state takes it away for back taxes. Shit just don't feel right.

  22. This was by far one of the shittiest emotional days I've had to deal with.

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