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$14.99 Oil Changes at Sear Auto (Thru 3/4/12)

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Well as a few of you know I work at Sears Auto Center.

I found out about this coupon for $14.99 oil changes.

It's not a very bad deal at all. If you consider that a conventional oil change is $29.99 regular cost.

You can't even buy the oil and filter for that price at the store and do it yourself.

This will include Valvoline Conventional Oil (up to 5 quarts) (additional quarts are $2.75 each) and Purolator Classic Oil Filter.

This deal goes though 3/4/12 and you must take a printed coupon in with you.

I am very happy with the service at my Auto Center. I am hopping you all have a good experience at your local Sear Auto Center too.


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