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  1. A guy with a lame shirt giving a very lame "OK" sign which is just fine cause the club rat girls he's standing with are just "OK" at best.. ? What's so winning about that? Since I was commenting solely on the caption, that you had nothing to do with, you should take no stock in what I said and not get mad about it. In short: why you mad thou
  2. A guy with a lame shirt giving a very lame "OK" sign which is just fine cause the club rat girls he's standing with are just "OK" at best.. ? What's so winning about that?
  3. those people running .5ohm probably have heaps of box rise working to their advantage as well, which is also another indicator of a bad box design. if the amps were meant to be run at .5 ohm, then they would be rated at .5ohm instead of 1 ohm. im just trying to keep you from costing yourself some money via being hardheaded. but you are going to do what your going to do anyways, so go ahead. run your amp at .5ohm give your subs 1,000+rms each when your subs and your amp are dead i hope kevin has paid enough attention to know just how bad you are abusing all 3 pieces of equipment and that you are running this in a manner that voids all the warranties. i run 1 to a set of strapped amps (0.5 each) rising to 1.9
  4. bend over, grab your ankles, and show the world your butthurt
  5. i followed through watching it right on to the god of war ascencion link it gave me after the video.. god of war > crysis.
  6. ... OUCH. thanks for the correction and further proving my point of how worthless caps are for guys like us. :cheers:
  7. very good that you point out these two things, 1. your battery doesn't provide very much juice above resting voltage so essentially as soon as you outrun youru alternator, your voltage starts dropping and you start draining the capacitor bank. 2 about the capacitors, as soon as the capacitors reach the resting voltage of the battery/batteries they then become neutral to the system, ready to draw from it as soon as voltage increases again, or provide power as soon as the demand grows, for a short while. so you can see for the purpose of pushing numbers around, putting these two things into the equation really just gums up the works and makes for more guess work in an otherwise clean exercise of throwing numbers at a board to see what sticks.
  8. J=CV^2 (J= joules, C=capacitance, V=voltage) for a 1 farad capacitor on a system charging at 14.2 (voltage = random number somewhere around normal car voltage I pulled out my ass for the sake of this post) J = 1 x (14.2x14.2) J = 201.64 ok lets round that to 200 ok so 1 joule = 1 watt for 1 second. now lets play with those numbers. we all know amplifiers aren't perfect, power is lost to heat, etc. a pretty common number to see is 70% efficiency at 1 ohm on a class D amp. lets say you're the typical sort of SMD person. you want bass. you want it in your face, you like the long drawn out demo music, low notes, etc.. you stive for a big, powerful system. so lets start the number game at 5000 watts, at 70% efficiency, that amp needs 7142 watts of input. and remember from before, 1 farad = roughly 200 joules = 200 watts at 1 second. 7142 / 200 = 35.71 . round it up to keep from getting bogged down. 36 so that's 36 joules if the amp is operated for 1 second. lets keep playing with the numbers cause 36 farads is a ridiculous number for 1 second of play. say you put a nice single 275 amp alt under the hood, that charges at the 14.2 as we started this whole thing out at. wattage = voltage x amperage 275 x 14.2 = 3905 watts from the alternator bare minimum to run the car itself is say.. 60 amps or (60x14.2=852) call it 900 watts for overhead. so we got.. call it 3000 watts left for the system 7142 - 3000 = 4142 watts still needed for the system 4142 watts @ 1 second = 4142 joules / 200 = 20.71 call it 21 farads needed.. per second still haven't taken batteries into the equation here but we'll leave them out of this for now. ok so 21 farads per second, for 30 seconds of a bass race 630 farads. So who's buying me a 630 farad capacitor bank?
  9. My DC5K has 24 1200uF caps in its power supply input which are used to produce >5kW. That adds to 28,800uF. Most basic stiffening caps are 1F = 1,000,000uF. Still think they're "small"? yes... still small.. the capacitors in that 5k's power supply section are not there to be the supply of power.. see snafu's post from before on how capacitors are used for many different purposes in electronics, from conditioning, to filtering, etc.
  10. how much drag does wind have on a tree? how much power does a computer draw? how bright is a camp fire? too many variables to answer or even efficiently calculate.
  11. just thinking about it is making my dick hard. dick hard 2: with a vengence
  12. how can i haz input on eq make output to headunit and tell headunit what to do? WHAT DO?
  13. Looks good to me. Edit: just make sure you know how much of that port needs to poke forward of the box to complete the transition into the cabin from the bed, and design accordingly. The less port you have inside your box, the less displacement it causes (i know i know, sounds stupid, but sometimes people need the reminder)
  14. you coulda made those 8's do better if you didn't dumb it up and put a speaker box in your back seat. the back waves having that far to travel are killing your output.
  15. all walls are removeable, all you need is a sledgehammer... seriously though, stupid ass idea. get another vehicle if you have to worry about kids in the back seat. Yes, removable wall is dumb, until someone makes it work and work well, then all of a sudden its "sick". Seriously though, go read post number #7 in this thread. post #7 doesnt' change my response to the post i quoted. kthx, have a nice day.
  16. all walls are removeable, all you need is a sledgehammer... seriously though, stupid ass idea. get another vehicle if you have to worry about kids in the back seat.
  17. yeah, blocking back waves from something stupid like setting your speakerbox IN YOUR SEAT does tend to cancel out said stupidity.
  18. the google play app is in the gapps .zip . you have to reboot into recovery and flash the zip once you've downloaded it.
  19. it only takes a few misses for that light to come on. give her a tune up, run through some injector cleaner and see if she cleans up for ya.
  20. if you're going for spl, we can't tell you port tuning, only a termlab can. start at 45 hz and change it up from there. go for 13-16 square inches of port area per ported cube.
  21. It's mikey bates, he's gonna ask these sorts of questions ad nauseum.
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