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Sub enclosure

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I am building a box for my 2 kicker cvr 15's. I want the subs facing up and i was wandering where the best place to put the port would be and also what size the port should be and i was also wandering what the dimensions should be i want the box to be around 10 cu. ft. as that is what it says on the kicker website but the box can only be

41 in wide

21 in tall

26 in long

that is the size of the back of my vehicle but that should be enough space.

Please let me know and thanks for all the help

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i would do subs up port back. and make a slot port across the bottom you can make a 3-4 inch slot port across the bottom 20 inches deep and that should work well you just have to plug it into a calculator and figure out the displacement of the subs so you can tune it to what you want.

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Take a look:

Enclosure Specifications:

Fb = 36.5 Hz

Vb = 9 ft^3

External Height = 21 in

External Width = 41 in

External Depth = 26 in

Port Width = 7 in

Cut Sheet List:

* All Dimensions in Inches.

* Wood Thickness is 3/4 for all Parts.

External Enclosure Parts:

2 x Top & Bottom (3 parts) = 41 x 26

Left & Right Sides = 24 1/2 x 18 3/4

2x Front = 17 x 18 3/4

Back = 41 x 18 3/4

Shared Port Internal Assembly Parts:

2 x Front to Back = 16 1/4 x 18 3/4

Assembly guide (generic dimensions):


Let me know any questions.

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