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Stick with AT&T or move to Sprint

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Sprint = 4G WiMax, slower than LTE, LTE won't be in Cali til probably March 2013. Glad I didn't switch!

T-Mobile = 4G HSPA+, this is what I had with my HTC Inspire, its ok.

AT&T and Verizon both have 4G LTE, only difference is that Verizon's coverage is better but AT&T's will work just fine for me.

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I'm in La with Sprint...I agree Verizon is the best and fastest and AT&T has better Lte right now, but it's FAR from slow


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I just switched my wife to sprint from Verizon. I called Verizon a couple of times before I switched hoping for an early upgrade or even a better rate on the plan I was on but they didn't wanna do anything for me.

I've been with them for about eight years and I thought they could show a little love. it wasn't until I was trying to switch the old number over that they tried to accommodate me.

I researched the coverage in my area and its pretty comparable. what sold me was the everything plan. with my discount it came to $67 a month.

well see how it works out.

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