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  1. Crutchfield doesn't have a ton of high power mids. Best best is Sky High & Down4Sound shop for nice comps. I'd imagine a 6.5 comp set would be fine, mid in the door and tweeter in dash. Can also get some coax's for the rear doors or just put each tweeter and each midwoofer on a channel. The LC7i is nice but lots of manufacturers like Pioneer and Kenwood make great HU's. You are looking in the $600-$1400 range though depending on features like wanting wireless Apple Play/Android Auto
  2. Yeah my boy in Sac is a Brand X retailer and the amount of people who come back to him bc they chose to go Auto Tech and it broke shortly after is endless
  3. I will say...never go Auto Tech. Its cheap bc it's junk. Brand X is the way to go, they'll be my alt when I finally upgrade. When Wolfram was selling alts their alts were really just Brand X, which many didn't realize.
  4. My stock alt is like 150-160a. With one AGM it was fine. Even better with the 40ah Headway lithium. No Big 3 and I charge max 13.8. Volts only drop to about 13ish when full tilt and that's running my Wolf 3K at .5ohm
  5. That's the power I have on my 4 door speakers, even without the rear fill it keeps up enough with my Wolf 3k.
  6. I know man, been a while. I browse once in a blue moon. Super slow day at a branch I'm covering in Pacifica so got some time. Last we were talking about was shows, Sky High had one this past weekend but I couldn't make it. Saw Steve was out there. I think there is one this weekend in Vallejo. Haven't changed anything with my system. Though I want to get the front stage louder, the funds aren't there lol.
  7. Me too but you said a dyno showed a 20k doing only 12k and I was like nahh no way that's a Crossfire lol
  8. Looks like another fly-by-night Chinese build house company. Not too mention the name XFire is similar to a shortened Crossfire which is an actual beast brand
  9. Still lurk around, mainly in the build log section. Didn't have car audio from about 2013 until 2016. Been slowly going bigger and bigger since then.
  10. haha unfortunately I don't get on this site much anymore. Sent you a PM though that might help you sell some things
  11. Yep, like Smoke said, Korean/Chinese/Brazilian (style) boards. Full Bridge are "Brazilian style" after being made popular by Taramps/Sound Digital (same company pretty much IIRC). Most companies that are putting out true high wattage amps are using Korean boards. Wolfram has the C2400 which is a great Chinese board for cheap, about $250. They have he W/AW series amps which are Korean, 3K and 4.5K versions for about $600-800. Both series being half bridge. Then they have the O Series which are Full Bridge and are doing 8000w for like $600. Full Bridge tend to be more compact in size and a lot of power for cheap. Sundown also has their SFB line which is Full Bridge, I think the Crescendo Symphony are also Full Bridge though they are Korean boards. I've had an MD3K and MD5K from Taramps, I switched to a Wolfram 3K and even on less power it was louder, deeper and sounded a lot better. Full Bridge get loud but Half Bridge is where the quality is at sound wise (IMO) and in reliability. Also, those more compact amps tend to have really loud fans whereas Korean boards are usually dead silent. You can Google "Half Bridge vs Full Bridge" and find discussions on it.
  12. Good to know...seems to be Pioneer distorts at 32. Need to def do mine since I'm usually at 35/36 on mine. Haven't had any issues with my system though
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