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  1. Yelawolf - TM3 Le$ - Expansion Pack Vol. 2 Both dropped this weekend
  2. Lots of people gone from this forum and I think partly bc it's needs cleaning up and a revamping, it's unorganized and looks outdated. It is what it is though. Last I posted in this thread was 4 or 5 years ago and had sold my JL W3s. Got back into it a couple years ago with a custom Memphis 10 on 500rms which turned into 1200w, then two DC M3 8s on that power which turned into a single 15 JVF Custom Memphis Mojo with that power which then quickly got put onto a Taramps 3k. Upgrading to a JVF 3.3 15 this weekend. Also, running powered front stage for the first time in my life, some Focal PS165 v1.
  3. I'm sure I could make that happen if you PayPal me the money. I've had his Slurricane and it's decent. Actually tried the Tequila a couple weeks ago, pretty good. Not overly smooth, has a nice bite.
  4. So a couple days ago I got a pair of Focal PS 165 v1 installed along with a JL VX400i which uses the TuN software. Shop loaded a tune on it but I of course downloaded the program on my Macbook and hook up my own computer to tweak it. I am pressing "Transfer project to VXi" and it's saying successful. I turn off power to car and upon restarting my front speakers are extremely low volume. I connect computer again and load up the current project and everything is back to normal. I have no idea what the issue is. I am hoping the shop is open tomorrow to run by there but I'm guessing it won't be until Monday, any help with what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated. I can't find any user manual for using the TuN software.
  5. If you have FB go follow him, Richard Mallard is his name. I don't care for vaping or fidget spinners but he's funny as shit
  6. I hardly frequent this site anymore but when I do its short lived, I mean cmon this section is for Tunez aka Music, not "help me with my system". Pretty ridiculous, I remember like 5 years ago this section was monitored Now some basshead music:
  7. Don't worry about song clipping, unless its audibly distorted (example below), as long as your source (Headunit/Amps) have a clean signal then you should have no issues
  8. If you go Red Wing then pay the cost and get Red Wing brand. I got a cheaper one from them that was about $80 when the next low price was mid $100 and less than a year later the outside sole is ripping apart. I'm night gonna go cheap next time.
  9. Unless its clipping to the point its distorted then don't worry about it, a dirty signal is worse than source clipping
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