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  1. My boys run Arnolds, haven't heard in person but they are loud af. No tweet really even necessary. Pretty insane. I personally just swapped my Focal PS comps for a pair of Sundown Neos & CT meso tweets. On the same power they are so much louder and clearer than the Focals.
  2. Local FB car audio group, FB marketplace, Offerup
  3. Crutchfield doesn't have a ton of high power mids. Best best is Sky High & Down4Sound shop for nice comps. I'd imagine a 6.5 comp set would be fine, mid in the door and tweeter in dash. Can also get some coax's for the rear doors or just put each tweeter and each midwoofer on a channel. The LC7i is nice but lots of manufacturers like Pioneer and Kenwood make great HU's. You are looking in the $600-$1400 range though depending on features like wanting wireless Apple Play/Android Auto
  4. Yeah my boy in Sac is a Brand X retailer and the amount of people who come back to him bc they chose to go Auto Tech and it broke shortly after is endless
  5. I will say...never go Auto Tech. Its cheap bc it's junk. Brand X is the way to go, they'll be my alt when I finally upgrade. When Wolfram was selling alts their alts were really just Brand X, which many didn't realize.
  6. My stock alt is like 150-160a. With one AGM it was fine. Even better with the 40ah Headway lithium. No Big 3 and I charge max 13.8. Volts only drop to about 13ish when full tilt and that's running my Wolf 3K at .5ohm
  7. That's the power I have on my 4 door speakers, even without the rear fill it keeps up enough with my Wolf 3k.
  8. Still lurk around, mainly in the build log section. Didn't have car audio from about 2013 until 2016. Been slowly going bigger and bigger since then.
  9. haha unfortunately I don't get on this site much anymore. Sent you a PM though that might help you sell some things
  10. Good to know...seems to be Pioneer distorts at 32. Need to def do mine since I'm usually at 35/36 on mine. Haven't had any issues with my system though
  11. I believe what my buddy suggests is to just leave the AGM in front and tape off the neg cable so incase you ever need the battery to start the car you can disconnect the lithium and quickly get the car started from the AGM And yeah, Jose from Phat Boyz runs JVF subs which is what I run. Jeff Vue is a hobby sub builder from Sacramento. Love his beast subs lol.
  12. yeah I know, on my to do list. Either my LC1 or my Wolfram since both were installed together and I had no issues before them. LC1 being the easiest to test lol.
  13. Sub Level on HU should be set to 10 At what DB is the 40hz tone? Should be 0db or 5db. My buddy tried to DD1 my Wolfram 3K on my AVH2300 a few months ago but was getting major distortion when first trying to find max volume for some reason. Unplugging the ground loop isolator before the amp got rid of it a bit but had to use a -10db 40hz tone and my "feedback" noise back without the isolator. So we scrapped it and reset the gain to how it was. I recently got the 2660 to replace the 2300 since the buttons on that died, interested to see if you can get this working. Don't think I'll be able to try DD1 on my unit anytime soon.
  14. If you need a car audio shop then check out Phat Boyz in Oakland, solid shop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWn0gHYnTEU
  15. Versus threads aren't allowed on here...on that note, DC amps are top notch. Can't go wrong. Also, this video:
  16. Where do you see it wants a 2v or less input? I have an MD5K and have no such issues running 4v from my Pioneer
  17. Fik needs to drop more heat. Still one of the dopest with the bars out the Bay LOL I can see why he says "speakers about to explode", that bass is distorted gonna be careful in the car lol
  18. why bump a 7 month old post? I'd imagine he figured it out if he hasn't posted....
  19. SHADYXV ....dope but lots of clipping

    1. dangaranga


      man you tripping if you ain't clipping

  20. Has he ever had Gold? Just wondering b/c apparently trials don't work if you have ever had Gold. On that note, I think I have some codes
  21. My HDD is already around 50% full...just got Horizon 2, got Metro Redux a couple weeks ago, gonna get Advanced Warfare and maybe the next AC. This game, probably the Witcher 3 since it looks dope. At least 3.0 HDD's don't cost much, probably grab a 1 or 2TB on Black Friday off Amazon
  22. Yeah I def can't wait for this game...gonna need to buy a damn external HDD for my One
  23. Oh yeah meant to put XBOX One haha. Yeah I got it yesterday but went to the Giants game so I couldn't play. Might have time after work today. Already got you on the One, Rob. Your Drivatar was my rival for a lot of races in Forza 5 on Saturday lolol
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