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Bought a JVC kw-av60 from the one and only Terry Brocks. Works great!

Also installed a rear view/reverse camera.



2018 Db Drag Street Trunk World Champion 156.9

2017 NSPL Trunk World Champion World 158.8

2016 Db Drag Street Trunk World Champion 156.7

2015 Db Drag Street Trunk World Champion 155.7

2015 NSPL Trunk World Champion World 158.3

2014 IASCA IDBL Trunk/Pickup 3 World Champion 157.1

2014 NSPL Trunk World record holder World Champion 157.4

2014 DB Drag Street Trunk World Record holder 154.4

2013 NSPL Trunk 0-48 World record holder 153.8

2013 IASCA Advanced Trunk 1 World Champion 155.5

2013 IASCA Advanced Trunk 2 World record holder 155.4

2013 DB Dragracing Street Trunk World record holder 154.3

2013 DB Dragracing Street Trunk Spring Break Nationals Champion

2013 Spring Break Nationals Champion IASCA Advanced Trunk 1

2012 NSPL Trunk 0-1800w World Champion record holder 151.3 @ 1731w 2012 IASCA Trunk 2 World Champion record holder 156.1 2012 USAC Trunk 1000 + World Finalist 158.4 2012 DB Drag racing Street Trunk World Champion record holder 154.3 2012 NSPL Trunk 3600+ World Record 156.7 legal/sealed/dash 2011 USAC Trunk 1000+ World Record 159,4 2011 NSPL Trunk 3600+ World Champion 2011 NSPL Trunk World record 156.6 dash 159.6 kick 2009 25-48NW NSPL World Champion 2009 Db Drag US.Top Certified SPL .St C 158.7 2008 Db Drag US.Top Certified SPL .St C 158.4 2008 25-48NW NSPL World Champion 2007 U.S.Top Cert. Street A,B,and C 2007 NSPL 0-24NW World Champion 2006 Db Drag St A World finalist. 2006 NSPL 0-24NW World Champion 2005 Db Drag St A World Champion 2005 NSPL 0-24NW World Champion 2004 Db Drag St A World finalist 2004 Db Drag US.record 642 points 2003 Db Drag Points World Champion 2003 NSPL 30-60NW World Champion 2002 Db Drag SS1-2NW World finalist 2002 NSPL 30-60NW World Champion 2001 Db Drag St 1-2 World finalist http://www.facebook....erry.SPL.Brocks Back in 02 my girlfriend said I had to make a choice between her and my love for car audio ......I told that b-tch I've made harder decisions at the Coke machine.

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Guess what guys, I've changed subs & amp, AGAIN. Sold my aq2200 and bought a Crescendo bc3500. Traded my strato 10s for an AQ HDC3 18. This setup was stupid loud. I also went to a show a few weeks ago and actually competed. Been over 2 years since I've competed. Scores weren't great but were good enough for 2nd in both idbl and bass boxing.



HOWEVER! I messed the sub up. After a full day of bumping, demoing, competing, and overpowering the sub, it seems the coil has started to unwind. Totally sucks. HOWEVER, I have anew, sexy ass sub on the way ans will be building a new box for it. Stay tuned, sexines is coming.

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So what number were you doing with that setup?

Horrible numbers. I traded for the aq & box that Friday and competed the following Sunday. Did a sweep and did a 144.7 peaking at 42hz. I thought I had another run but I guess not, although some people got 2nd runs. I only did a 140 with the driver door open playing Rihanna's Pour It Up. Trust when I say it sounds way louder than what a meter says. I never plan for numbers anyways but I hope to do at least a 45 in the mid 30s.

On another note, sub parts will be here TOMORROW!

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