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Found 72 results

  1. Im back its been a minute since i been on here crazy busy being away with work , well half my subs came in and all ten on my 6 1/2 still waiting on the tweeters,, ,
  2. browser keeps crashing so this will be done in sections. Let me start with saying this build was done in the sub 20 temperatures with occasional snow showers. I only had 3 days to complete build due to long work hours so it was kinda rushed! I came here looking for ideas on a new build to upgrade from my original 4 kicker comp cvr's and this is the results! 160 Ft" of 2/0 EB-Flex welding cable 2 XS D3100's Sky High fuse blocks Sky High 200 amp fuses Sky High 1/0 oversided copper lugs Sky High shrink tube 1 set of aluminum battery blocks
  3. I guess it's time I start my build thread. The idea is re-paint the expo all black. Black out head lights and tail lights and grill and stuff. Solid black rims. Gonna put double 5% from rear doors to back hatch for window tint. Gonna put 20% of driver n passenger door. Gonna put 35% on front windshield. Gonna keep all lights inside the cab green. Gonna put green HID's I think. Might go blue. Idea is to make the car blacked out on the outside. With all the instruments and stuff with green lights will make it look like inside a black hawk with the green lights from the controls and radar and night vision. Basically hear me before you even see me on top of you. Guess id start the thread with my recent started project on the car. Digital volt meter. I see how a ton of you guys have them in your dash boards and stuff. Me no like, So I seen someones thread where they had put them in there flip down section of the console on roof. So I liked how it look and i decided it was me so I did it today. I got the wires ran, every thing hooked up. Just gotta make a plate for the face to hide the wires and drill one hole to runt he wires thru to hide them completely.
  4. ok so i just recently bought 4 crescendo pwx 8s and i hooked them up to a kicker 550.2. im still new to car audio so i was just like ya its gonna be loud enough so i dont need tweeters. well i did some research and that was prob the dumbest thing i could of said. so to get on with the point i want to get 2 crescendo super tweeters but i want to hook them to my kicker amp since i dont have the money to buy another amp just for the tweeters and the only other way would be to hook the tweeters to my head unit which im sure would not work out good at all. so would i be able to get two crossovers one in each door and hook those up to my pwxs and my tweeters? the pwxs are 200 RMS and the tweeters are 80 RMS so that kinda just confuses me how i would do it. i have my amp right now wired to 2 ohms on each channel. so if anybody could help me out i would appreciate it. also if getting a passive crossover would be the best thing to get what brand crossovers should i get?
  5. simple vid showing the subs & a baby flex lol they look like there barley movin gains set below half right now i heard these get a lil stinky so i wanna let them get enough play time b4 i turn it up but all & all they sound great, theirs nothing better then saying **** peoples opinions & getting your own. happy customer
  6. Hoping some of you can offer some insight or first hand experience. I blew my Rockford R1200 amp so I decided to go bigger and just got a crescendo bc3500. Planning on an xsd3400 under the hood, and maybe an alternator depending on what voltage looks like during testing. I've been somewhat out of the game for a while so I need help deciding what subs to throw this kind of power at. GOALS: 2 10" drivers 2.5 - 3 MAX cubic feet box Musical but with authoritative lows (will be using them primarily for electric funk hippie rave music, rap, and soft rock) Reliability/durability to handle 3k+ (on 2) Subs will be in the boot firing in to the cabin and probably sealed off with some form of ghetto hackjob. So far I've looked at the Sundown X, SSA Xcon, SQ HDC3, and Crescendo Contralto, they all look good from reviews, but I haven't modeled any yet though. I'm sure i'm missing some beefy 10's out there in the 1500-2000 rms range, help me decide! P.S. no idea what my old username was, havent been on any forums in years so I might look new but I promise I'm not
  7. i have a 2004 Escalade, shes saphire blue and came with 2 parallel goldish colored pinstripes ...9 years has taken its toll on those lame little stripes and im not sure how to tackle it exactly....before i come up with my own idea i figured theres bound to be someone here thats done this before or at least has some kind of direction to point me in right? thanks
  8. I need some help on decision which amp I should get. Ive narrowed it down to crescendo 3500, DC 3.5k, q1-3500d1, and a 1500bdcp...for now I need to run close to 2000wrms at 2 ohms but will be looking to get new subs to play at 1 ohm and more watts in the near future. which of these would be best and any other suggestions for around the same price as these?
  9. I have 03 Blazer I'm about to start a build on in a couple weeks. It has 6.5s in all four doors and 4x6's in dash (IIRC). I plan on cutting the power to the dash speakers but just leaving them factory. I have decided to go with the Crescendo CZ series for components in the front. Because my budget is a little tight at the moment i can't afford to put a comp set in the rear also so I was wondering can coaxials in the rear will keep up with the comps but not sing over them? I was considering the Crescendo PWX Pro mids but I'm pretty sure those would be a lot louder than the comps. Or should I cut the power to the rear spkrs also and just have comps in the front? Also my mids and highs are being powered by a Clarion XH5410 and my sub stage is 2 Zv3 15s powered by CT1400.1 if any of this helps... Thanks in advance
  10. 86' cutlass walled with 4 15" SSA ZCONS on 4 Crescendo 3500's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfDHO7g8IZQ&feature=share&list=UUAdPEo7EM_i6vSzdXkfj7Xg
  11. Hello, I just want to introduce you build for my friend. It consists of: 2x Sundown X15 2x Crescendo BC3500D 1x Crescendo Concerto C1100.4 1x ARC audio 4ch (dont know the exact model) 4x Crescendo PWX 10 4x Crescendo FT1 Tweeters 1x Powercell 4000 battery in front (we do the 3 big upgrades of course ) 2x CZ audio 115Ah batteries in back 2x Exide AGM 50Ah in the back - running on stock 120Ah alternator - Pionner 2DIN radio The sundown´s are in 6th Bandpass enclosure (4th was planned and builded but it wasnt what we want so we upgrade it to 6th ) tuned from 18hz running on two bridget Crescendo BC 3500D (metered over 5kW and 0,85ohm+ impedance in bridge - 0,425ohm on each amp) Some scores (metered on the front window) 147db @ 20hz driver window opened 150,4db @ 30hz sealed 154db @ 30hz driver window opened Here are more pics from build: https://www.facebook.com/miqra/media_set?set=a.10206386572810730.1073741861.1460274342&type=3 And here some youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cwWGOAvA8g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4JODrZ6Y2I
  12. I'm trying to decide between the crescendo pwx8 and the skar audio fsx8" any ideas? or recommendations? Looking for something to get loud more on the midrange side, I have enough mid-bass to support.. ( 4 12" massive audio m12s)
  13. andhog12

    Amp Help

    I need help finding the best amp for my speaker set up. I have 2 sets of Oxygen audio O2 5.25 components (http://www.electronicsbonanza.com/comersus/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=17656&sku=O2-OC525) that run at 130 watts at 4ohm, and i am getting 2 crescendo pwx 6.5 (http://store.crescendoaudio.com/pwx-6-5-mid-range/) that run at 150 watts at 4ohm. I am putting two oxygen speakers and 1 pwx in each front door of my car. I am having trouble finding a good amp that wont break the bank. I would like to run active but its not necessary.
  14. I'm trying to design a 4th order for my Dodge charger, but I'm not familiar with bassbox pro. Just wondering how everything looks. I found a design on here that was almost exactly what I needed, but not enough space on vented side so I did a little tweaking. Going for 45-50hz with 2 cubes on sealed and 4 for ported side, for a 2:1 ratio. Not everything is filled in, like fb or f3, but just wondering if it seems solid. I couldn't put the contraltos in as drivers so that it will tell me everything, cause I couldn't get the driver list to update, it kept having an error.
  15. Sup guys.. Well after a couple systems I actually feel like this one is "thread worthy" I finally have most of it, and should be playing before June 29th, for the Usaci show in Houston at House Of Sounds And before I go any further, I want to thank Kim at Sound Solutions in Houston, TX for the box, and my fiberglassed door panels, and the super hook up on the prices. They do some great work, and for someone who doesn't have the skills of doing it they are the right place to get anything done! Car Details 2003 Jeep Grand Cherroke Leardo 88k Miles 22" 2Crave No. 11 wrapped in 265/30/22 Spec D halo projector headlights w/ 55w Canbus 5k headlights now for what everyone really wants to know System Details (2) Sundown X 15's Crescendo 3500 @.5 Crescendo 1100.4 (2) sets Mezzo 6.5 fiberglassed in front doors Singer "270a" Hairpin alternator w/ powered coating XS Power VCM XS Power D6500 (2) XS Power D3100 CT Sounds OFC 0/1 (2runs front to back) CT Sounds 80Mil SHCA Lugs & Heatshrink Aluminum Battery Blocks (6 & 4 inputs) Plexi window Picked this up local, bnib Picked up 2 1100.4, only using one though thanks to Scooter! Mezzo 6.5 Some SHCA goodies CT 80mil on doors, roof, back hatch From mike before I got the alt
  16. Looking for a pair of crescendo xst2's pm me prices shipped
  17. Finally received my package, look out for the build log should be starting it this weekend, decided to go with the wall in my silverado. ......
  18. cash in hand will pay with paypal. Must be good working order.
  19. I have a NNBS GMC sierra extended cab. I want a clear sounding system that gets loud and have decided to go with 4 crescendo pwx 6.5" , with one in each door. Also 4 Ft1 tweeters, with one in each door. I am not sure if these mids will fit but I am willing to cut the factory bracket to make them work. FYI I will also be getting an amp for these speakers and have it mounted on the back wall. I have done the big 3 with 0 gauge and also a dual battery setup. Im taking my two 12s out and getting a sundown x15 with a custom built box to fit the back seat that my Hifonics brz1200.1d will be running. My question is how do I go about wiring the tweeters and mids with a crossover or the crescendo tweeter crossover. The speakers and tweeters come in 2 choices of 4 or 8 ohms and I am not sure which ohms I would need for the tweeters and mids to use along with a regular crossover or the ft1 tweeter crossover. I will be running new wire to the amp from each speaker crossover in the doors so my main question is what wiring configuration and which ohms do I need to compare for a correct setup?
  20. 2 10 in mayhem on a sundown scv 6000d. More vids to come soon, getting packages to upgrades as we speak
  21. (2) re audio xxx 6.5" midbass (2) soundqubed proaudio 6.5" midrange (2) crescendo silk dome 1" tweeters I got some soundqubed 6.5" real cheap on black friday so I took some stuff thats been laying around and made it into a soundbar I currently live somewhere were no outside work is possible so I had to use a jigsaw in my buddies backyard to cut this. Real amateur but Im happy with the results. I HATE bare boxes so I had to paint it black. I like black paint because it is harder to see through tint for those creepers. I plan on mounting this box to my current sub box in my SUV with the speakers firing towards me for now. Im getting a new vehicle soon so I didnt want to do anything too permanent. I was sharing this with a few people in PM and I wasnt going to post this publicly but Im not on planet earth right now. first soundqubed hooked me up with some free shit, when I ordered it added on "$0.00 black friday bundle" I guess this is it. Pretty cool but digital designs gave me a lanyard, decal, and TWO beer holders.... lol jp I wanted to use my friends nice dewalt jigsaw but he loaned it out already so I went to harbor freight and bought this $20 it worked better than my old craftsman honestly I dont have the crescendo tweeter crossovers so I used these instead the tweets have their own wires coming out the back of the box the four 6.5" are wired @1ohm with a single wire coming out the back it will be bridged on a skar lp80.4 for 240 watts I secured all wires inside the box to avoid noise and any pulling with music what I really like about this project is even if I pull my system for whatever reason I can always hook this thing up to my computer stereo receiver inhome anyways sorry this isnt some big professional grade build log but I thought Id share with us little jigsaw guys!
  22. In india you usually don't see such kind of installs very often. This country is yet to see some crazy and insane guys most of the guys have in their ride already. I just took a small step in bringing that culture to india. First of all the ride in which everything went in
  23. I'm putting a list together of what I hope to be getting within the next year to put in my car. Right now I have a BL15 on a SQ2.2k but want to upgrade bad. Here is the list of what I plan on getting: Sub: Fi SP4 15 (both cooling and spider spacers) Amp: Cresendo BC3500 Battery: XS Power D6500 Alt: H/O alt by Singer Wire: Sky High Audio 0 gauge Box: Around 4 cuft tuned to about 34Hz and sealed off Any suggestions or changes you guys would make or anything I left out?
  24. I have a 95 Firebird and I will be installing a new four channel amp soon. I will have Jl Audio components in each door. Mids, tweets, and crossover. And I will have two Crescendo 6.5s Mids in the rear factory location. My question is will I need to install some kind of in line crossover for the crescendos to keep the really high pitched frequencies out ?
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