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need help building a box for my 2 alpine type r's 12 5th gen running with a audioque 2200d

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need help in building a ported box for my 2 alpine type r subs 12"

subs are in a prefab box and sounds horrible when turned up more than half way

im running them on a audioque 2200d amp

its inside my 2001 jeep cherokee

the dem for space available is 40.5 inches in length x 17 inches height x 30 inches depth

please if any one can help me with box design or set up for what i have it would help alot

this is my first box build my self so any info and suggestions please and thanks

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Ok dr3q the first thing is to set your gains properly like with a DD-1 and check your electrical system to be able to handle the 2200D since that can have an effect specially when you are playing loud, here is a box suggestion, if you need something changed let me know AND check the notes below the sketch:

Enclosure Specifications:

Fb = 34 Hz
Vb = 3 ft^3

External Height = 16.75 in
External Width = 41 in
External Depth = 14 in

Port Width = 3 in

Cut Sheet List:

* All Dimensions in Inches.
* Wood Thickness is 3/4 for all Parts.

External Enclosure Parts:

2 x Top & Bottom (3 parts) = 41 x 14

Left & Right Sides = 12 1/2 x 14 1/2

2x Front = 19 x 14 1/2

Back = 41 x 14 1/2

Shared Port Internal Assembly Parts:

2 x Front to Back = 11 x 14 1/2
2 x Extension = 11 3/4 x 14 1/2

Assembly guide (generic dimensions):


Important notes:

- The 45s if you want to do them are 2 1/2" wide except the one/ones inside the port, if you want that let me know.

- All boxes built outside the vehicle need to fit in their way in not just have the right dimensions.

- The port needs 3" of free airspace in front of it for proper operation.

- Setting your amp subsonic filter to 28Hz is suggested.

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thanks for help just a quick question which box design would i get better sound from the one above or one with subs facing out and side ported ? and my amp says clipping when i turn the music past 35/50 the light pulses to the beat of the song playing ? any suggestions for this cure ? and what should my amp be set to because i dont want to blow the subs

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As before you need to upgrade your electrical system so that it can be able to source the power the amp produces and set your gains right, there is a device sold here on SMD to do that or you can have it done by some one else, that should be the first problem you need to solve or you could damage your hardware. On the box the one above can definitely work but everyone is different and usually it takes tests to find out what you like best.

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I'm need help with a box for 4 12 Alpine Type R's for the back of a 99 Subaru Impreza outback sport width 37 in height 20 in depth 45 in 


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