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Anyways here's my roughly quarterly dashcam compilation


Not much in the way of shenanigans. Though...I guess that's good?

The Subaru at the end chapped my ass a bit. Driver was going 24 in a 35 with a conga line of cars behind them. But get shitty with me when all I want to do is go around and continue my day



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Had WAY too close of a call with a pedestrian


In hindsight, I should have picked up on her sudden sprint was an intent to cross earlier than I did.

Missed it because there wasn't the over the shoulder check / usual "I'm going to cross" body language + sign was clear the road, not cross the road.


Taking it as a learning opportunity that pedestrians are strange and unpredictable creatures and budget driving habits accordingly in the future. Now we both have stories to come home and tell.


I'm glad nothing happened. Cause that was all of 3 feet / half a second way from turning an uh-oh into an oh-no.

Stay safe out there. Look both ways when walking, look for people when driving. When in doubt, give way.



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Found some snow!


ft. dog who gave herself brainfreeze







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