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  1. How long did it take to find a 3080? Upgrade should last a few years.
  2. Thought those wheels looked familiar. Very nice addition. Looks really clean.
  3. It's the Windows OS shutdown noise clip. It's at the very end, around 8 seconds.
  4. Lucky. Over here in West TX it was 107 today and the week ahead is only getting hotter. Although Houston does have the humidity so it's probably comparable. Texas is done for this summer.
  5. Hmmm. For Texas that is the statute for homosexual conduct, which was gotten rid of awhile ago. Sometimes I wonder if people put random numbers in hoping no one will check.
  6. It really isn't bad. No blood or anything. Just quick swoosh and it's done.
  7. The before shots in your son's video are painful. Car looks so much better after the wax and C-Quartz. Very clean looking now.
  8. Very cool. Exited to see what went down with the shoot. Hope the LP won't be too big a deal to fix. He rip out the screws or just mess up the plate holes?
  9. I'm supposed to switch from night shift to day shift this weekend. Was forced to work a night shift Saturday.
  10. I initially thought it was a black body with black wheels. That's what came to my head for black on black. Just went back through the whole topics and saw you painted the wheels. Looks very good with the black wheels. And the gloss/matte combo looks great on it. Very nice looking ride. I have always liked the Cadi's. Congrats on the patent, credit and purchase. Should be good.
  11. When the auto shut off doesn't work at the fuel pump. Lost a good gallon of diesel to the pavement.
  12. Sounds like Faded to me, just chopped and screwed.
  13. That was fast. That's what I get for looking at a computer website before venturing over here.
  14. A friend and I are starting to train for competitions right now. I feel pretty good about everything but pull ups. Sucks weighing 200 lbs and having to pull it all up.
  15. This. Most if not all laptops should have a factory restore setup. One way to check is open Computer and see if you have a large HDD partition and a smaller one(forget size, but it should be fairly small). If you have a smaller HDD partition then you should have factory restore. Just read up on how to use it through Google. That will get you back to the way it was from day one.
  16. I do. Never been to a concert of theirs though. Bet it would be crazy.
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