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Here we go :D

guys, FYI: anything even resembling

Strategically covered nudity

Sheer or see-through clothing

Lewd or provocative poses

Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches

will get the entire thread deleted and possibly you deleted too. I can't have that here. The original post had some of that and now POOF, it is gone.

thanks for your cooperation. Anyone who see's a violation like this please report it and if a mod gets the picture deleted in time, before i see it, maybe the entire thread won't have to go.

actually, offensive is exactly what i posted in the last thread i locked. Brian laid it out too. No need to be a smart ass. All i asked is you guys don't post anything questionable and everything will be fine. A chick with big breasts bulging out of her shirt with huge visiable nipples poking through, is NOT acceptable here. No crotch shots, even with bikini. If you want to post that shit, use the 18+ section. These are MY rules, not any other mod or any other ADMIN here. MINE. So please, don't give my mods any bullshit because they are helping me enforce MY rules.


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