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  1. It's the Windows OS shutdown noise clip. It's at the very end, around 8 seconds.
  2. Lucky. Over here in West TX it was 107 today and the week ahead is only getting hotter. Although Houston does have the humidity so it's probably comparable. Texas is done for this summer.
  3. As a fellow Texan I will say the camera's will help you as far as evidence for Officers. At best you might be able to get a charge of Criminal Mischief. As far as a restraining order it probably won't do much for you. Being that you guys live so close he would still have access to the roadway. He could still throw nails on your driveway from the roadway. No help for you on the GoPro. Never used one for that long.
  4. Once I save up enough I plan on getting Hikvision as well. I've read a ton of good things about them from several different forums. Just be sure you get them from a vendor from the Hikvision website so you know they are US cameras, otherwise you won't be able to update them.
  5. Hmmm. For Texas that is the statute for homosexual conduct, which was gotten rid of awhile ago. Sometimes I wonder if people put random numbers in hoping no one will check.
  6. I'll finally be doing it after six years of no facial hair. My workplace has a strict no facial hair policy but for the Movember deal we are allowed to participate.
  7. Isn't Tacoma fairly big? Is there not a shop there that can build a box for you if no one here can? Like stated shipping will not be good for you due to size. Shipping would be more than the box itself I would think. I'd start looking locally for someone to build one. There's bound to be a shop there that can.
  8. It really isn't bad. No blood or anything. Just quick swoosh and it's done.
  9. You'd be surprised how easy it is to recover the serial with a little bit of elbow grease.
  10. Good to hear you got it back. I'm still hoping to get a 1911 at some points. Did anyone grind off the serial numbers on it?
  11. The before shots in your son's video are painful. Car looks so much better after the wax and C-Quartz. Very clean looking now.
  12. Very cool. Exited to see what went down with the shoot. Hope the LP won't be too big a deal to fix. He rip out the screws or just mess up the plate holes?
  13. Do your best not to save or add any new files onto your computer in the mean time. Like stated above file recovery programs are hit or miss. If you don't mess with anymore files on your computer you will have much better luck.
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