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Since I am looking at making some changes to the system in the 350z I figured I would post what I have now.


  • Alpine 9861 HU
  • Audiovox 7" monitor in dash
  • Crescendo cz 6.5-Inch Two-Way Components
  • Rockford Fosgate Punch 300s (2002)
  • Rockford Fosgate Punch 500.2 (2003)
  • 4g power and ground.
  • for get the Big 3, it will be the Big 7. (special grounding kit for Z's)
  • Sundown SD-2 D2 10" shallow mount sub.
  • Batteries Plus X2 AGM group 35 Battery under the hood.
  • DD-1

Amps are setup 300s on the Doors. 500.2 Bridged for the sub. Right now I am a sealed box under the rear strut bar.

Engine and Suspension mods ( nothing special yet)

  • Airaid intake
  • SPL FLBS Z33 PRO Front Shock Mount Lower Arm Bushings
  • SPL PRO Front Inner Lower Arm Bushings
  • JDM Y Pipe

  • SPL Pro solid diff bushing

  • VLSD Diff (not stock on the Base model)

Here are the pics I have for now. Additional pics to follow soon.


new bushings



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Wheels will get done one day. But I wont go to 20's, to many people have told me it changes the handling.

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18s with a 40 series? :n

Thats exactly what I was talking to the guys at the performance shop about running. Stereo upgrade comes first :)

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hell yeah man tuned in. can't wait to start my z build. got a really good Sub idea havent seen before

WTF? Hybrid parking? Really? What the hell is going on with these smug bastards?! I want gas guzzler parking right up front so i dont have to circle the parking lot 40 times and ruin the enviroment.

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Took me 4 dealerships to find that color. I cant wait to see how the handling improves with the new bushings, the car is already fun to drive. The driver side window motor died today so thats what I will be working on this weekend.

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Looks good man!

I miss the power of my Z. I hated the gas mileage though.

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Well front end suspenions are done for now and the new Y pipe is in.

First the bad




Now the good.



If your in the Phoenix Metro area and need work done on your Nissan. Rev-em-hard Motorsports is highly recommended. Great work, zero price gouging.

On the stereo level. My Punch 400.4 has a bad channel so an amp swap will be coming soon. The right channel goes from no sound to perfectly matching the the left channel to almost doubling the volume with extreme distorion. It has been doing this for a year. I have just been to lazy to make sure it was the amp and not the RCA's or Headunit.

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