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  1. I don't know which models of Taramps, but the distortion on certain models is to high to properly work with a DD-1
  2. LMAO, Ive been in car audio since 88. Please stop and just admit you didnt know 12v systems charge at 14v and chalk it up as you learned something new.
  3. DaFaq are you talking about???? 12v vehicles have alts that charge at 14v. Canadian, Australian and Mexican GM's work on a 12v system. I think you are not understanding how a 12v system works.
  4. WTF is this ? It hurts my head. 12v alt? How do you come up with this crap? Please put the peace pipe down. one of GM's 12V or 14V alternators? My 2005 Silverado Alternator is 14V 145A~DC, so you must be showing a 12V~150A Alt,
  5. Sounds like it's time for the Mechmans I say make it happen, just not with my checkbook
  6. My amp rack/center console ( all mdf ) has the port and subs firing directly at . No rubber bushings or anything. Its the first time this has ever happened to me. I've been told use some small rubber grommets .
  7. I just killed an amp from vibration. I will be sending it off for repair. Not to pick at a dead horses corpse. But i have a used scv6 and a new scv7500 if you not gonna repair you scv6k again.
  8. Closer because it's on the return path? These were the kind of questions I was hoping would get answered. "Voltage has a higher potential on the positive terminal, if you cut off the highest potential then you are left with ground (most of the time 0 volts) and a floating node with the voltage of whatever air is." If cueernt is Neg to pos. Why is does the POS have the highest potential?
  9. I have seen too many articles and arguments about the flow of power from a battery. Does the negative side feed the amp or does the positive side feed the amp? I am not an electrical engineer. So the whole Pos feeds the Neg side of the battery, ohms law states blah blah blah. I need a management level explanation, not an engineers level explanation.
  10. Do you have a build log? Might get more views in that section Love all the RF
  11. What about the Hybrid wire? some claim to be 70% OFC with 30% CCA and there are other that claim 50% OFC with 50% CCA.
  12. do you have a pic of the ground touching so we can see what your looking at?
  13. I'm not understanding your issue. Are you saying the belt is to loose with the new alt or too tight?
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