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  1. JY has their new lithium coming soon. Thats what Ill be adding/swapping to. I currently have 2 JY 80 green and 1 JY cased 80. Info on the new JY 25ah can be found on their FB page
  2. Make sure to do a Build log.
  3. I didnt beat on my sp4's like I do my teams ( sp4's were on less power because of what amps I could afford at the time ). but the glue setting could be smelled for almost year. so some of what your smelling may not be bad.
  4. depending on the box you should see a gain based on the additional cone area. Even the vehicle will play a factor in how much gain there will be.
  5. My favorite demo tracks have made my subs stinky when I had my sp4's and now on my teams. Some tracks are just dirty. I just hammer on them dor a song or 2 then turn it down for a few songs. I use a gain knob to control subs. Gains are always nice.
  6. no gain knob like an LC-1?
  7. I've been running -10 for ever. I only know one person who runs I haven't run a team3, but have a buddy who is about to order 2. if it fit in any of my build goals I'd love to try them. I have always used -10. I only know one person who uses -15. Are you using a bass knob? is bass boot turned on any where?
  8. the website shows 3500 for the sp4+ and 2500 for the sp3+ Are you sure you dont have the SP3+ https://ficaraudio.com/product/sp4v2-series-sp4v218/
  9. Something still isnt right? Are you using a line converter? stock HU? How do you know the coils are burning? Whats the SSF set at?
  10. the sp3+ ( 3" coil ) shows 2500w and the sp4+ ( 4" coil ) shows 3500.
  11. I can't wait till I get the Fi SSD ferrite 10 installed in my wifes ride. I'll be putting an RF T1000bdcp on it. Great to hear your happy with the sub. What 15 are you looking and how much power are you planning
  12. an SP4+ should take that amp all day. what are you wired to? what are you're box dimensions? who at Fi said you were over powering it?
  13. I'm flying out. too far of a drive for my truck. I'll be looking for your ride
  14. chances are, on music you may not hear a difference between 28-32 unless you are digging for low 20's. sound like you'd be happy 30hz with the SSF set at like 24hz. I personally dont use my SSF, I just watch what I play, I usually just try to play 24 and up.
  15. 22hz is "close enough" to a half octive below tuning. I do like that you're actually looking at SSF settings and not saying you wanna play 16hz while tuned 32. People who do that crack me up when they kill a sub and blame the manufacturer.
  16. I'm saying tune lower than what your original post says 28-30hz. with a 28hz tune you would have the SSF at like 22hz. With 4 cubic feet / tuned to 32 Hz: I can see that I should have a supersonic filter at about 28 hz / where the power handling goes from 3500 rms down quickly when dipping below 28 hz
  17. Good choice. 4cu with 55-65sqin for fine. personally I would tune about 28-30hz. As far as spider options, Id go with the default it comes with. As far as battery, I say wait for the new JY 25ah. I believe they are announcing pricing this week.
  18. no gain with inverting except cool factor to some folks.
  19. JY has some new stuff coming if you can wait. The pricing on the new stuff is also better than the new.
  20. Yes you can run recovery/desulfate mode before a battery is completely dead. If I remember correctly XS says run it every 3-6 months depending on use.
  21. No, they are just realtime clamps. both can even capture what your rising to.
  22. If you can find one, get an AMM-1 if you want to clamp unless you have access to a TL with clamps
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