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Starting him off early with DC

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as a thank you gift for designing and building a box for local guy running (4) 15 lvl5 and (2) 5k's. i was now the new owner of a couple M3 8" subs. So i figure what better what to show these off than throw them in my sons powerwheel.

Here is the almost finished product. Still need to hook up the amp and headunit. but you get the idea

Top view showing the (2) 8's and a 3" port


and the seal of approval from my 4yr old after he helped me wire the subsCAM00302.jpg

Hope you enjoy

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Travis Jennemann

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Here is a front of the powerwheel showing the amp as the grill. In this picture i was running an old American Bass cx-1500. I just traded that amp for a new American Bass VFL 80.1

I am trying to keep this build simple by just swaping out old equipment for new equipment. The only money i have into it is a sheet of birch and vinyl graphics. I might eventually get a higher rated amp, but as i said this is just for fun. and until there are other kids competing around here i am not going to invest alot of money into it


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Travis Jennemann

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Looks awesome!


Currently Own
4 - 18" lvl 6s (m3) w/full Carbon Fiber option

2 - DC 5k

lvl 4 motor

lvl 2 motor

On 8/2/2013 at 8:13 PM, n8ball2013 said:

this is much worse. Its old n8 without the time or patience to hold fucking hands. I'm supposed to be doing school work but yet here i am making sure jr fuck fuck isn't trying to poke the other kids with a stick.

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Vid please :D

Welcome to my sig :D

My build on my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4:

2 Sundown SA 12's

Sundown SAZ 1500d v3

Alpine CDE-HD148BT

Hertz 165 Speakers

Atrend Carbon Enclosure

Stinger SPP925 Battery

Sky High 2/0 & 1/0 Power Wire & Big 3

:domodance::domodance: Legal 145.2 dB. :morepower1: Team Sundown. :domodance::domodance:


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Now he is going to want a system in every car he gets

XS Power D5100, 2 D2700s, & 2 D975s

MechMan 220a Alt


Kicker 650.4

2 12 Ascendant Audio Mayhem's

Pioneer DEH-P7200HD

Rockford Fosgate 3sity.1

Build log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/166792-88-nissan-maxima-trunk-build/#entry2430899


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I dont have a video if the new systwm yet, still a few items to finish. As far as the battey it runs off a Shuriken 35 amp hour battery. Its just what i had laying around.

Here is a video if the old setup with (1) Atomic 8.


Best spl score i could get is a 153.8, the meter was placed 12" from the port

Travis Jennemann

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