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  1. FS: DD M2c

    How much power does this amp make?
  2. Need a Box design

    Thanks JoeX I will make a mock up and see if we can fit it.
  3. Need a Box design

    Naw do want to do sealed. Why are the left and right sides different sizes?
  4. Need a Box design

    Could we not use all the space my friend has? can we make the box alittle smaller?
  5. Need a Box design

    Any help?
  6. Car is a 77 Ford maverick Subs: 2 Sundown SA 12s Amp: Crescendo 2K H: 13.5in W: 36.25in D: 23 Tuning maybe around 33-34 The Trunk opening is 15in
  7. Sundown SA-15

    Between 30-33
  8. looking for reviews SSA Evil 6.5's

    Waiting to hear about these and how the mid bass sounds.
  9. DC audio Carbon fiber Cone

    I dont think it will effect its performance
  10. You dont need to go over 3cu for it to play low its all in the tuning of the box.
  11. The Team 4K is cheaper on Amazon then the Team 3K......
  12. I love using Royal Purple but if Im being on the cheap side I will do Mobile 1
  13. 12" Havoc

    Damn you have 10 of them lucky guy, I miss my two. I think I had my to at 4cubes on 3.5K