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26' Toy Hauler - Audio Video upgrades 2015 RAGE'N X Install & Mods - Turned the ramp into a patio! Page 11

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34 minutes ago, strangeduck said:

ok, those are cool outriggers. now that tha is out of the way. Lets talk about that 3rd CNC. Where the heck are you gonna fit it in the shop and also, holy crap, 3 CNC machines!?

why do you think my trailer is out on the side of the shop behind some razor wire/barb wire combo? Looks like Folsom Prison over there on the side now haha! Got cameras and motion detectors just like the pen. :D  Ya, i could have easily fit the 3rd machine (the laser) without taking it out. But after taking it camping last weekend and seeing how much space it free'd up, i just had to leave it out.  I asked the landlord if i could park it there for a small fee and he agreed.  I spent a grip making it safe, at least safe enough for me to sleep at night.  But now i got a TON more space! i love it!  Oh, side benefit, i can actually get my own trailer in and out without using the landlords forklift.  It used to have to be maneuvered in a way my truck couldn't fit. Now i can whip it in and out by myself! :)


the 4x8 laser table should be here in about 2 weeks. I can't wait!

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