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  1. agreed! my first sets of jbl speakers. only hu power with 0 additional sound improvements but still sounds great!
  2. Nothing like a year and a half bump, Onto #4.... Poor 23 year old speakers. Its getting taken care of but a very minimal build.
  3. id love to post updates to my log but its been locked for whatever reason and mods/admins arent even responding. just my luck as always...
  4. why is my build log archived and can no longer add replies to it?

  5. nice to see everyone post, I remember waking up every morning with so many build updates and witty back and forths between them. Especially Hunter changing the box in that poor 3000gt like every 3 days lol. Truly what got me hooked into the hobby but even tho I havent done much lately the itch is still there!
  6. that is just badass man. crazy I started watching you knock out speaker rings to strive to get there and now with cnc and lasers youre just pioneering more shit for the community. thanks as always and happy thanksgiving man!
  7. was gonna say frees up the astro now! lol but im sure thats last thing on the list right now. good shit steve!
  8. thats insane! lwas it a diy kit you found or built from scratch?
  9. thats bad ass man. im sitting here at 60mm/s just wallowing in awe at that lol
  10. yikes! im glad i put a waste oil heater in my garage. shes thirsty but near free heat is a good thing
  11. may start glassing a corner of the trunk in the next few days. I could throw a old school mtx thunder series 12 in her, idk so much other stuff to worry about. Flushed the whole coolant system today and replaced the green freeze with the red shit. Heat output definitely is better, nice peace of mind too. Helps with it being 14 degrees out today lol
  12. Its a beater with a heater. Got it for scrap value as it needed a subframe. Ratchet strapped the LCA and limped her home. It likely needs a new heater core too. Fenders, doors, rockers all rusty and need replaced eventually but its not awful. Gets me to work and back and thats what counts right now.
  13. 1gn down for the count the last several months. picked up a 2gn beater for the winter. Will likely be the daily for the foreseeable future so it may get a woofer or two ontop of the re audios I stuck in the front doors. The projects are definitely piling up.
  14. Man im happy being able to 3d print shit at home lol, I can only strive to create like this one day. good shit Steve, looks amazing!
  15. Damn man I def remember seeing this post, Was active right around the time I joined the site. Did some digging and cant find anything that you didnt sorry Steve wish I could post something of good use..
  16. Such a handsome dog. Cant believe its been 2 years already. Thanks again Steve! We need more people in the world like you.
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