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2012 Malibu system upgrades: SOUND DEADENING

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6 minutes ago, bcbrassard said:


You know, that shit they sell at Walmart to repair boats ... :lol:

Man, I'm really enjoying watching this car. Awesome Work !!! Can't wait to get your response on the difference it makes on the noise floor !!!

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5 minutes ago, White Lightning said:

You know, that shit they sell at Walmart to repair boats ... :lol:

Man, I'm really enjoying watching this car. Awesome Work !!! Can't wait to get your response on the difference it makes on the noise floor !!!

FLEX SEAL...... GOTCHA now i get it.

Thank you sir. I know i am over killing it some but i like the looks and results of near 100% coverage. I feel you leave nothing to chance and you have done the absolute best you can. Covering holes and trying to seal the cabin i thought was always the goal when sound deadening?

Since the doors and trunk area was done a few years ago with good results. Door speakers sound amazing with a lot of clean mid-range and mid-bass. The rattle's in the trunk where reduced but the bass vibration migrated to the roof where a excessive amount of flex and rattles where now the issue.

The floor wasn't bad at all IMO. and definitely shouldn't be an issue after i finish. Testing result will be a few weeks away. After spring break. 

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Last bit of deadening on the rear deck.


Last really tiny sounding area.





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It needed it badly here.



I put some speaker gasket foam in the opening in case i needed to run any wiring thru it.



Sure is nice having a garage, i like my work space. Very little second skin scraps left. And there's the 4 rolls of SoundSkins about to go in.



I'm glad i have a small and mid sized vehicles. Garage is just big enough for these size cars.


IMG_0810_zpslvkg7qik.jpgShit everywhere! lol



I hate stacking shit on the car but if i put anymore parts inside the wife might shit. She really has no idea what i am doing. Remember my hobby is like Fight Club, and whats the first rule? Thats right... We don't talk about it. lol



Other side done. Electrical plan is incomplete but probably have power wires going thru here maybe so i used speaker foam here too.



That is the last of the Second skin damplifier and Damp Pro. I will start doing the SoundSkins tomorrow.

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Update on my progress:



Materials not hard to work with because its pliable  to contour changes, radius's & bends. It will tear pretty easy and i was glad i had a 2" urethane roller to help work the material out. I think a 1" wood roller could damage it pretty easy if you pressed to hard. I do not regret putting the Damp Pro down first as this material has little damplifier and thin aluminium which is why its flexible and it alone would not have the same results.


 IMG_0816_zps4mfie6s0.jpgWorking on passenger side wiring harness and rear floor heater vent.


IMG_0817_zpsjohav3go.jpgThis channel is where the rear floor heat vent passes thru so i wanted to make sure it stayed noise free by Tesa Taping the wiring harness it rest on. And applying some speaker gasket foam to each side of the oval opening.


IMG_0819_zps9dwaxzjw.jpgHere you can see it touching the channel and harness with the potential noises it could have made. Not to mention the vent resting on the floor and against the hump. With this SecondSkins installed you know this shit ain't making a peep. lol


IMG_0820_zpslgn84d0p.jpgHere i cut a piece of foam to wedge the vent over into place. 1 on each side of channel.



And then taped over it to help keep it in place.



Front side.



Driver side Harness needs some taping.



Driver side cleaned up and all wiring back into position.



Driver side floor vent same process as the passenger side.



With the front done except for the back of tranny hump and wiring by back seat done it was time to finalize real layout and start cutting.



I taped it down and reinstalled rear carpet for layout to cut for back seat brackets. Carpet went in nice and snug. So far no issue's with anything yet as far as deadening goes and putting items in stock location. Between the Damp Pro and SecondSkins i have add 5/16 uncompressed, 1/4" compressed to the interior. And that's where there are no overlaps.



Few goodies showed up today. This is a ASC 2 pair GM speaker adapter kit i picked up for $25 off Amazon. Why do i have these? Well when i install the T3 6.5" in the doors i used what i had on hand which was a 3/4" abs speaker adapter ring and not the right adapter for GM models. So when i go to SecondSkins the front door i will change out adapters and make it right. I hate to leave any half ass work and make sure everything is right to the best of my ability. 



What i did was good and the speakers sound amazing but... it isn't right and i can't leave it.

The left over 2 adapters i can give to my son for his truck. He might be able to afford new speakers in the future but i don't see a system for him anytime soon. He is expecting his first child in October.



Oh the quality of the adapters is pretty good. The factory one is real solid materials which is why people break out the speaker and use the factory one.

I plan to Craigslist all 4 stock speakers for like $40. otherwise they are junk. I have kept them thinking i would pull the T3's if need be but i don't see that happening, well only to put something better in. lol


IMG_0832_zpswdmf0moh.jpgAnd i got my fast rings in from Stinger. First set from them i have used. They seem to bee a REAL pan in the ASS to break apart. Maybe someone from the company should contact FASTRING company to see how they do it RIGHT!

More to come.... & Slow to come as well. 

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I used up the last 2 pieces of Damplifier to finish trunk where SoundSkins stopped.








I have enough SoundSkins left to do the fender wells and possible trunk or rear deck.? I think it looks killer. Shit works to keep the sound from traveling. 



Research i did said the fender wells are a major source of road noise introduced into the vehicle, and if you think about how close your ears are to them i could see them being an issue. Not an issue in a truck or SUV so much. I think the distance between the speaker and fender wells are very close and i could see it affecting the SQ. If you think about it the back of cars are just rattling echo chambers from hell that need attention when deadening.

More to do tomorrow.

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