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got some news about the show, incriminator audio, psi audio, and ampere audio are just a few of the newest sponsors. also NADBL and SLS soundoff have signed on to do competitions at the show under their formats. so now you have 4 different orgs to comp for.

current committed sponsors


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man, getting to big a huge list of sponsors!

wish I could make it to this show.

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just a lil update. any one planning on coming you got 20 days left to git that shit ready. wev now got TC Designs building a custom kurf 'd box for the raffle. ILL Customz is now a show sponsor. PS Designs audio engineering is now a sponsor or the show. theres going to be some interesting stuff at this years show. the show its self will have 9 award classes separate from the competitions leagues. AND the S4S team challenge. any team wanting to enter puts 3 guys up for 3 diferent classes. 1 for loudest spl, 1 for loudest musical average, and 1 for crowd demos. challenge is 1 on 1 against the other teams.the winning team beats the others out in 2 out of 3 wins. they take home bragging rights as the S4S 2016 team champs and the awards for this year. prices are now listed for almost everything on the facebook pages. if your close to south west ohio or want to make the trip for league points bring it on to the show. or even if you just want to demo your ass off bring it. we have all kinds of stuff for the raffles including the JR basshead prize for kids 12 and under to try to win. august 20th 2016 lebanon, ohio

event page:


group discussion page:


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