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  1. not really an OG but i was around for awhile a few years back. I miss all yall. I miss the forum bein litty titty. I've popped in and out here and there for the last few years... Haven't had a build for awhile. Have a stock Harley Davidson F150 and that sorta does it for me. Ive been putting all my time into trying to learn stunt riding on a Grom and a supermoto, but I do miss audio a bunch. on a side note I'm almost 25 lol, i remember lurking here when i was 16ish.
  2. got the V back and going. $28 shim and a quart of brake fluid later....

  3. car made 460 to the tire with 26* of timing. ran out of fuel up top, 80% duty cycle netted no difference than 90% duty cycle. not bad for a cam only sedan lolz

    1. boom50cal


      dyno results in RPP for anyone curious

  4. camming my v1 currently. BTR goodies...

  5. talked with Gary Biggs today. Had no idea who he was until after the fact....

    1. BoomZoom808


      That's awesome to meet a legend like that 

    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Thats kool as hell. Loved that guys builds from back in the day

  6. learned something this weekend.


    GTR's are fuckin fast.

    1. Mr Bigolsworth

      Mr Bigolsworth

      could have told you that. what year? I've been building my R32 for that last two years while stationed in Japan currently making 500+Awhp. I get to bring it back in January when i PCS back to the states. 

    2. Keith77


      What rock have  you been living under? 


    3. boom50cal


      r35. I got next to one over the weekend that gave me 3-4 length and the hit. Was bolt ons on e85 and made 630awhp. I was fucked before I left 3rd gear lol

  7. rode in a 17 1le. no lift shift and active rev match are neat

  8. two vehicles now. two 4 doors, that means ones getting some cone area.

  9. guess it may be time to get into another 6.0 powerstroke. may keep this one

    1. Keith77


      Like this one???? LOL


    2. boom50cal


      @Keith77 yes but that one looks like it runs and drives. I want a broke one cause i'm a cheap ass lol

    3. Keith77


      I'm buying that truck.. 05 with 44k on the ticker. One owner truck 

  10. 7 months, 400 miles, and 50 hours. go into check recalls and get another clutch tool for my rzr, get told that if I run it anymore it'll catch on fire. And I need to get it in for recall work ASAP. Ask them when I need to bring it it? "Oh we are about 3 weeks behind..." this was 2 1/2 weeks ago or so. stupid. fucks. so it's going tuesday to get worked on Wednesday, and I better have it back by friday
  11. went to the polaris dealer to get another clutch tool/coilover spanner, decided to check on recalls. WTF got 4 recalls. Typical polaris -_-

  12. looking for ideas on an ipad mini mount for my RZR. not wanting to glass anything else, needs to be removable. Suggestions?

  13. Might own a coyote car here in a few weeks. Putting my offer in tomorrow morning, then just waiting. (note: it has a bad motor, would buy to fix and resell)

  14. Assassins Creed 3 is free on Ubisoft U-Play, for anyone that has U-Play

    1. DLHgn


      That's pretty cool. Too bad I already have them all lol

  15. idk how I missed this. Lowering a 4wd is the best thing... All the conveniences of having a 4wd but not a mile off the ground like a stock 4wd. Anyway, 6 months down the road or so, how have the DJM lowers held up?
  16. You can tell they tried hard to change up the format a bit, but really its the same damn show. Intro I thought was gratuitous, but still love watching the new top gear with a new title. yea, it's a formula that doesnt really need to charge. i feel like the show will get better/funnier/etc as time goes on as they get comfortable again in the new format. in all it was kickass. I really enjoyed it. The intro was insane. You can definitely tell that Amazon threw the budget as far out the window as it would go, then drove out and dragged it further away.
  17. Anyone here watch "Highway Thru Hell," on netflix, well discovery too. Interesting show, heavy wrecker company out of Canada. 10/10 would recommend.

    1. _paralyzed_


      Shit, I been watching that show on The Weather Channel since it came out.

      Those rotators gotta be worth half a mill.

    2. boom50cal


      first episode it was it, when they went and bought it, said it was $750k

    3. _paralyzed_
  18. haven't ran a backhoe since I was about 9 or 10, so atleast 10 years ago. In it for 4 hours and almost rolled. hellz yeah fun week
  19. god I love these Silver Flute's

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    2. Keith77
    3. jcarter1885


      I liked mine as well but my SB Acoustics SB17 are giving me thoughts about nothing beating them.

    4. boom50cal


      I can get vids. hard to tell quality of mids over videos lol.

  20. took a grinder and cutoff wheel to my doors today to make the silverflutes fit. feels fuckin great to cut shit
  21. 2.7's run real good. guzzle fuel when towing though supposedly. they can get 27+ hwy.
  22. srp365 on hella troll tonight lololol

  23. looks exactly like the XP1k I bought my stock 2 seater 1k is about half a car behind a 4 seater turbo with two people and a full ice chest. it's crazy how powerful these machines are anymore....
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