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  1. figure i'd pop in and see whats good in the hood, buncha familiar faces, buncha new ones. spent $100 on parts express now buying a buncha random shit to throw together a front stage in my ole 7.3 to give me something to keep busy while my caddy is down. been workin a shit ton here lately. 70-80hrs a week usually. Have two rigs that we take care of 2 miles from my house, pretty nice.... running drill cuttings and occasionally hauling salt water or drilling mud in a vac tanker.
  2. been working so much I hardly have time to shit and wipe. money's kickass and I enjoy it alot.
  3. i'm mad, i completely forgot about tony... i pieced together a fuse block, some relays, and some neat little push button on/led illuminated switches for doing my aux trans cooler fan and off road lights for my super duty... fuck i'm legit mad about i
  4. got offered double the money a year from the dealership to go back to driving a truck so what up bitches, i'm floating gears and punchin queers again
  5. started the new job friday. liking it a ton better than the last gig. tons of room for advancement.
  6. they didnt even offer lol. commissioner realized he fucked up though and they spent all week kissing my ass. has been a nice week, and i haven't had to pick up a single wrench or tool. been happy
  7. got super pissed thursday at work. our foreman is an incompetent fuck that is the sole reason we can't get any projects finished. i'm 22, learn super fast, have a class a cdl and can run any piece of equipment. I've became very talented in a grader, and I know the exact roads that need to be graded, all my bar ditches that need to be reworked, my tinhorns that need cleaned out. the logical thing that a competent leader would do it place a hard working self motivated employee like me in something that I am skilled and talented at...yet, for 3 weeks, I've been stuck in the shop being the mechanic while our mechanic drives around and does piddly shit. I'm sick and tired of it. big ass arguement ensued, told him he'd either take me out of the shop or i'd find a new job. made 2 phone calls, had 3 interviews, and i'm waiting to hear back from 2 of the interviews. looking to get into the service side of the automotive business like my dad. went to the local GM dealership, had an interview with the service manager there. He really liked me, told me that my skills would fit in VERY well at his dealership, if he had room for me(phone call 1). So that guy sent me to the sister dodge dealership, had an interview with that service manager. Guys been running 14 techs and 6 lube techs through 1 service advisor lol. So I'm waiting on the phone call with the official job offer there after he can approve my pay that we discussed. also had an interview with a sister ford dealership to the one my dad manages. That was call 2, not too keen on working there though. But I'd happily take that position aswell. dudes, if ya'll aint happy with your position in life... either settle like a bitch or bust ass to change it.
  8. my mack held 42 lol. i hated changing oil in my semi. glad i got moved into a grader. has a quick fitting with hose that i just screw in and it drains. the oil, fuel, and hydraulic filters are all easily accessible. beats crawling under a semi any day.
  9. got the V back and going. $28 shim and a quart of brake fluid later....

  10. dropped the little bitchy t56. slave is fine, clutch is fine. remote slave line was a little loose. clutch finally settled and broke in though cause i measured my slave clearances and it's about 3/16" too short of being able to fully disengage the fingers lol. so i ordered a shim that'll be here next week.
  11. put my 7.3 to work this weekend. no lift shifted the v from a 50 roll, so 2-3 shift and locked myself out of 4th. knew something was wrong then. said fuck it, brought a trailer for a reason, lets send it. went from a 40 roll again, no lift shifted again from 40-140. so up into 5th lol. car won't go into any gear now with the engine running, bled and bled and bled clutch. like 99% sure the slave cylinder failed. idc though, signed an L from a gen2 blower cts v but drug an built sti on e85. i'll post videos whenever i get them
  12. fuck sean ballhanger. fuck emf. fuck yolo and banhammer and lowballer. fuck that cuck fat faggot piece of shit. grown ass man acting like a 9 year old on the internet bad mouthing companies that are more successful than him. if i remember right, he threw a little bitchfit when crossfire changed their amps ratings right before usaci finals 2017. not even little actually, i'm pretty sure he had an autistic meltdown over it.
  13. price of michelob ultra went up a dollar at the walmart here per 12pk cans. i'm pretty salty
  14. he's doing corvette stuff lol. we text occasionally. gonna try to talk him into bringing the vette to get some fuck at one of the streeet car takeovers in OKC soon
  15. would like to see these dudes live but the warped tour crowd is a bunch of scenefags and highschool girls
  16. they are very fun to drive, not fun to get stuck lol lol i'm lucky for being a county hand. we just blade county roads and work ditches. most of the water haulers down here leave their gates dummy locked, so we roll in there and take a shit if we need to during the day lol.
  17. have steps like a motor grader lol i have the guy i blade with start my grader in the morning while i fill our graders up. my lazy ass steps onto the blade and pulls the lever back to pick me up into the cab, lol
  18. yeah thats where i got the seats from lol. im in OKC quite a bit. the lifted truck scene is full of a bunch of douche nozzles. i hate it.
  19. man i'm tired of it already. i picked up lariat leather seats out of an 06 6.0 truck today for $200, i'm on the hunt for stock suspension and nice OE wheels if I can find them. I hate that lifted bullshit.
  20. 40mph crosswinds when you're doing 70 in a lifted truck on 35x12.50's... my asshole is still full of seat
  21. if it's got oil under it, it has oil in it. that oil leaking just keeps front end parts from rusting up lol
  22. picked up the red 7.3 for $750. made the mistake of popping off to one of my gaming buddies that i was planning on buying it for that price. dude offered to double my money and pay fuel to deliver it to him and back. easy weekend flip, selling for $1750 lol. 328k miles, 2wd, body is 6/10 interior is about the same. may need headgaskets idk. started and drove it onto the trailer. I ain't mad, i dont have to pull a cab. the black 7.3 is for sale aswell, idk if anyone here would be interested. 303k miles, rebuilt auto trans, 4wd, 4 inch lift with 20x10 fuels, 35x12.50 tires. has full size matching spare tire aswell. idk that fucker may end up mine. if thats the case, lift is gonna go away.
  23. i replaced a 300-6 ford starter in the autozone parking lot. bought the truck for $300, warrantied the starter from one of my dads old f150's, sold it to the autozone manager for $1200 same day lol
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