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is this a good idead for a kil switch -prob heard it before but still

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ok i have an alarm . not a 2 way but a regular type. no remote start just a simple door unlock starter kill and trunk unlock feature.

its about 10 years old easy so i know i need to upgrade it to a 2way type but havent looked into one of those types yet .

here is the question that i want to ask ..

1- kill switch placed INSIDE the cig lighter with a very small push button that's an on off type.

1- use the cig lighter as the kill and push it in for normal use but in say, downtown take it out so there's no contact between the center and the ground .

basically use IT as the push button. wired positive to center and positive to outer and push it in and you make contact to pass the current to a starter wire. not the main started wire but the electric fuel pump.

3- use one of the temp control slides at the kill switch . i only use heat as i have no ac and for example. put it on high and slide the switch yo med ac to make contact .

i know there's ways to make a relay stay on after a momentary connection or i can fab up an simple ic circuit to do this also ..

also i dont use the trunk unlock feature also so that may be something i need to look into ..

i am open for ideas. car is a 85 monte carlo ss if it makes a difference.

thnx for all ideas good and bad as even a bad idea can lead someone to a different conclusion that i may have never thought of .

if my ears dont buzz. you need more ..

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i seen some that work with the seat belt.. the cigarette lighter is too common now

the seat belt one should work better because a car thief wont think about putting on the seat belt when his trying to steal your car

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A starter interlock usually uses the start wire going to the ign. Switch. Anyone stealing the car without keys knows what this wire is and any connections you do will help identify it as the one that power needs to be jumpered to. Jump power to the PCM and break the steering wheel lock and its gone. Starter interlock only helps when someone has your keys and doesn't know the secret.

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thnx for letting me know about the cig lighter deal. seat belt would be good also, buts its an 85 . its not an electric type that chimes. so i am down to where i started u guess..

well lets go this route,

only thing electric on the car is the starter, the msd ignition box and the fuel pump..

making a break between a connection isint the hard part . its a matter of hiding said switch or usint the remote trunk unlock to deactivate it..

now this is not going to be on every time i park the car so it wont be used everyday . but when i am out in strange places mostly id like to feel a little more secure.

thats all i have to go with right now..

my other ides were inside the armrest- too much stuff in there to maybe turn it off or on

under the dash- most common place

glove compartment- same as dash

like before i am open for ideas.

if my ears dont buzz. you need more ..

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