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  1. Do it! Do it! How about one for each foot and wire one of them out of phase. Then see who can stand on them the longest without falling off. lol
  2. Brontosaurus. It's what's for dinner.
  3. Its a good thing cars don't have 6 volt batteries anymore. Someone might get confused.
  4. You should call the dealership and see if your truck has a 14v battery.
  5. Welcome and nice build, click the following link for song info: https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/forum/19-tunez-all-things-music-related/
  6. Tweeters Distorting!

    Your amp probably doesn't have enough power to play at that high level you are looking for. Learn how to set the gain correctly and bridge the amp to two channels for more power.
  7. Make plans for a second sub. My OCD won't let me run a single sub. Has to be an even number. lol The majority of the output at tuning will come from the port and having it choked could be a difference of a few db. Get the port right and it can double your output. Good eye Triticum!
  8. Stinky woofer

    I bang on mine every day and when they get stinky I turn it down a little bit. lol I know that eventually one day I will lose a coil. It has been almost two years and most of it has been over double the rated power.
  9. ^^^ exactly. Gotta break the chips before they jam up the flutes.
  10. Random Picture Post V2

    They're. (they are) lol
  11. Just bought this "export" CB from the Gate Keeper. Should be here by next week.
  12. Planet Audio pl4000.1d

    He has to go out and buy all the amps that he tests. Maybe you could send yours to him.
  13. lol. This latest version was rolled out a while ago. Everyone was lost. Just push all the buttons to see what they do. lol