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  1. Amp protect

  2. The thing about an alternator fuse is that in order to get full output without blowing the fuse then the fuse needs to be rated higher than output. If fuse is higher than output and there is a short, it won't blow the fuse.
  3. No need to fuse alt to front battery. If you did, then you would need a fuse at the alt and a fuse at the battery.
  4. Eight.......inch.......coil. That just made my day. Lol
  5. There is no replacement for displacement when looking for low end torque. I have a 7.5l in my truck and it is a blast to drive even as big as it is. A super charger will do the same thing without a bunch of work. If you do a cam make sure you tell them what you are looking for so you don't end up with a cam for top end or something. Maybe start with the simple things that will give the most bang for the buck like exhaust, intake and tune. If you are building for low end then your gears should be good. Tuned in for pictures.
  6. Large Speaker Manufacturers and TS Parameters

    Here it is. I really need to look around the store more. The mobile ap would be cool.
  7. CT Sounds Team 4k

    I heard that the bigger amps used to have a problem with the stand offs that mount the board to the heat sink. Something about it caused early failure. I don't know which big amps or if they fixed the issue. Maybe someone who had one will fill us in.
  8. Large Speaker Manufacturers and TS Parameters

    For the design of the speaker, measuring T/S should be a part of the feed back they would need to know if a change in design was productive or not. If they are trying to get the correct sound then this would be important. Most of the manufacturers that do measure T/S will take the average of several new drivers that are not broken in. I suspect that the companies that don't provide the T/S, don't known it because they are having someone else make it or they are just slapping parts together. Unfortunately most buyers don't know a thing about it. They put some kickers in a prefab with a boss amp and it sounds good because its the best they ever had. lol I think its time for Steve to invent a hand held T/S meter. Push a button and play the track and bam! There are the numbers. lol
  9. There has to be a way to host from FB I don't know. Paid SMD membership allows pictures to be inserted directly. Doesn't look too bad. Okra Flower
  10. I wonder if there is a way to use the FB pictures? Use FB as the host?
  11. Do you have to get a work visa or are you going for "meetings"? When we would go to Montréal we would have to say meetings or to receive training when going through customs.
  12. This method works great but I always burn the insulation. I will chop a 4 inch section of cable off and pull out a single strand. Then strip cable end and wrap the single strand around the end to keep it from fraying out while soldiering.
  13. Sure, any connection can be a bad connection if its not tight, dirty or overloaded. A strong electrical connection will also be a strong mechanical connection.
  14. 7600 pounds? That's what mine weighs empty. lol too bad about the rust. Maybe you could get a few pictures of it after the next guy builds it up?