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  1. Damn, that's the first time I have ever seen the bass knock out 3 spark plugs. There might be 3 more in the other fender too. lol
  2. Any time I ever tried to use a round port, it was impossible to get a big enough port to fit in the box I was building.
  3. I have been looking at that page at least once a week for the past year. And I don't even need another amp, I just keep getting the urge to buy one. lol
  5. Check your fuses with a meter. I have seen bad fuses that look good before.
  6. The ticking is probably a lifter.
  7. I would suspect that the discoloration is from the previous failure.
  8. The only way a wire could have a different voltage from one end to the other is if there is a voltage drop across it or one of the connections. The only way to have voltage drop across the wire is if it is conducting current. That is a very big voltage drop at no load so it has to be a connection going to the terminal that is reading the low voltage. Either positive or negative. You will have to dig into the problem to find the cause.
  9. Take your connections apart and look at them.
  10. You have been busy! Awesome work, figure it out as you go is the best way because you can do exactly what's needed. When you were cutting the tube, I wasn't exactly sure what you were going to do. Turned out great, you might be starting a new trend. Tuned in for more HAT goodness.
  11. They need to quit playing around and make it a regular production run model every year. Edit: Ford and Chevy soon to follow.
  12. I'm sure they did something to it or it would be running good. Like before you took it to them. They probably didn't get it back together right. Like a tooth off or something.
  13. Ok we need some pictures of the port. Lol
  14. Yes that's right....... Trump speaks the language that is universal to every country and religion........... MONEY
  15. I still need a 10 year loan to get it. lol The best way might be to start an LLP with my wife so we could write it off on our taxes. lol