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  1. Random Picture Post V2

    Damn, get a little closer to it. Holy shit people are stupid.
  2. Amp Suggestion

    Save up some more money because it is hard to find anything decent in that price range. If it has to be $100 then check this out. There are people here that run the two channel version of this and I ran one of the two channels for a while myself. Here is the four channel. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rockville-dB45-3200-Watt-1600w-RMS-4-Channel-Amplifier-Car-Stereo-Amp-Loud-/352066779883?vxp=mtr&hash=item51f8d0baeb
  3. Random Picture Post V2

    The licensing and registration of a gun just to have it in your home. The people in the household are forbidden to use the gun owners gun to protect themselves unless the House Bill 4554 passes. http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(oynxdhoovfaf5uumj413hpnt))/mileg.aspx?page=getobject&objectname=2017-HB-4554&query=on
  4. Random Picture Post V2

    Last month they were eating Tide Pods. Now they are experts on the constitution.
  5. Cool! Um. How did you seal it so it doesn't get wet? Just wondering.
  6. batteries banks.

    The batteries should be the same size ideally. When a small battery is in parallel with a big battery, everything is fine until the reserve capacity is used up in the small battery. The big battery has to try to charge the small battery because their voltage is the same from being in parallel. At this point it would be better not to have the small battery at all. The reason people can get away with having a smaller starting battery in parallel is because when the engine is running, the alternator charges the small battery. This takes away from the alternators capacity to charge the big battery, but the big battery is free to run the amps because it also gets a charge from the alternator.
  7. Often times it is the simple stuff that can go wrong. I would take that connector and unplug and plug it in about 10 times to exercise it to make sure the connections are clean and not oxidized. This will help clean them if they have oxidation from being exposed. A little dielectric grease wouldn't hurt either. Hope that's all it was.
  8. Random Picture Post V2

    My cats are always trying to get into the places they would go when they were kittens. They are big cats now and they still jump up on the book shelf and try to get into the little corner. When my wife gets home they still try to get into her purse. Lol
  9. Random Picture Post V2

    There is nothing more satisfying than doing the work yourself. Those jack stands look scary, be safe!
  10. prime r500x1d or jbl club 5501

    THE JBL IS A PIECE OF SHIT! This is why vs threads are not allowed........ they always result in a huge vs war and end up getting locked down. Make two separate threads to eliminate the bashing.
  11. Bad batts, good rest voltage?

    The only way to know for sure if the batteries are good is to load test them. It is possible to have a bad cell that will charge but not deliver the current. It would only take one of the batteries going bad to cause a problem. Normally the cranking voltage should be above 9v but with two batteries in parallel, you could still have a bad battery. They would need to be tested individually to know for sure. You could take them to a place like AutoZone and they will test them for free. You should check for other possible problems in the battery cables and their connections, one bad connection could be a show stopper. Often times the battery cables are hardly big enough to start the engine when its warm. I have upgraded all of the cables on my diesel with 3/0 welding cable and it made a huge difference. Does GM still use the side terminal batteries? These provide a marginal connection at best so they have to be super clean and tight. If you can move any connection by pulling on the cable then it is not tight enough and some times the side terminals won't get tight enough no matter what you do. Take apart all of the connections and clean them with a wire brush and apply some dielectric grease to them when you put them back together. Then move on to the starter. If there a problem with a battery or connection that causes it to crank too slow to start, the starter will build up a lot of heat that will damage it. Its not uncommon to have a starter that still cranks but it is so hurt that it will never crank fast enough. I have seen a bad battery cause the starter to burn out this way and I have done it myself. I think this truck should have a block heater that should be plugged in overnight, especially if you run summer weight oil year round. I have an onboard trickle charger on my truck that is plugged into a splitter with the block heater. This way the batteries are getting topped up overnight. Sorry that's a lot to read, I have the day off and I am on my fourth cup of coffee. lol give everything a once over and let us know what you find.
  12. Reading subwoofer specs

    There is no real way to look at the specs and know for sure. The best way is to design an enclosure and model the response it would have in winisd or some other modeling software. I have seen drivers that looked awful on the specs, but in certain applications were quite surprising.