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  1. The cop was just getting to know his community. lol he should have just taken the dude downtown to begin with instead of doing all that stupid shit.
  2. Welcome to SMD. I think I have dejavu.
  3. Sounds strange. What amp and headunit are you running?
  4. Just to clarify. This picture has the coils of a sub in series with the individual subs in parallel.
  5. They won't know that they are shortened unless you tell them. lol awesome build tuned in for more!
  6. Did they repair your amp or send you a different one? When fosgate tested it they would have found any problems. I would figure out what is killing your amps before I put another one in there. I have seen a ground loop cause a " motor boat" effect before. It's hard to say since you changed a bunch of stuff if it is the same problem as before. Double check everything again and maybe find a cheap amp to test it on. Keep us updated on the warranty claim. If you post up some pictures of what you have, maybe we can help you figure it out.
  7. That's good stuff man. I have a fiberglass canoe that is all cracked up. Seeing stuff like this is giving me motivation to try to so something with it when the weather warms up. Does fiberglass need special paint?
  8. All from the outside? Or are you going to put some inside too?
  9. In Montréal on business for a couple of weeks. Picked up a six pack of Rickards Red. One of my favorites. Edit: Sorry for the crappy picture.
  10. Congratulations on the new ride! I wish my garage was tall enough for a lift. I thought about putting a two post on a slab beside the garage. You are off to a good start with the lift, locker, and doors. That would have taken me about 3 months. lol the 18 will be nice and I was wondering if it is going to be a T line? Tuned in!
  11. Man that totally sucks! I know the feeling can make you sick. Hopefully nobody got hurt and being T boned is the #1 reason to fuse the power cables at the front and the back. You never know what is going to happen; Stay Safe Everyone!
  12. The prs knows best. lol
  13. I like the poly fill in the pocket under the head unit. Those door ports look like they just kept getting longer and
  14. I have never done this before but I would assume that the final layer could be cut so it comes close enough to the metal above the windshield that the small gap could be filled in with caulk.