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  1. Those are some big little subs. lol is that mill in the background yours? I would love to have something like that in my garage.
  2. 24 hour AutoZone? That's cool.
  3. It looks good! I say go for it.
  4. There is a program called obdcom that is around $100 to use your laptop to read the codes to see what is going on. You need to read the codes unless you are good at guessing.
  5. This is the driving force behind the laws that prohibit audible music coming from a vehicle. In some places it can lead to impound of the vehicle. Know the law and please boom responsibly. My rule of thumb is that if my wheels are turning the boom is on, wheels stopped the boom is off. Unless I am in a neighborhood then I just keep it low.
  6. What he said. Maybe try it and let us know if it makes a difference.
  7. Well it would be 240a at rated voltage. If the voltage were lower like 12v then it could possibly be more. Most people don't fuse the alternator because it is such a short run. The only thing that a fuse will do is protect the cable in the event of a short. Like a car accident but because it is such a short run that the battery being smashed is a bigger concern. At this point having good battery terminal covers is a must.
  8. The rating of 240a would be the max constant output @ rated voltage with no headroom left. It will probably be somewhat less at idle when hot. The output of the alternator is determined by the load. It won't all of the sudden put out more amperage unless the load from the system increases or a short occurs. The regulator can fail and cause the voltage to be high, otherwise a malfunction will cause less output.
  9. Man o man! I can't wait to see what you do with your doors! Lots of soft dome tweets is going to be real nice!
  10. I don't need a watch. I have one of those fancy smart phones and it has a clock built right into it. lol
  11. People seem to be extremely divided on every issue about everything now days. That is the way the people at the top want it. People divided are easier to control. If all the people could come together on the same page somewhere in the middle, then we could be a bigger influence on the government and get something done.
  12. The inefficiency of each part of the system will always provide a net loss. People have been trying to get something for nothing for thousands of years.
  13. The poly fill does the same thing as lining. Over stuffing poly fill gives the added effect of making a sealed box look bigger to the sub. Check this out.
  14. I lined mine with an open cell foam mattress pad cut and stapled on the walls inside the box. This was done to absorb the wave reflecting on the back and sides of the box to keep it from radiating through the woofer cone and also keeps the box from sounding hollow. This is also done in pro audio and PA setups. Stuffing the box will prevent the port from directly coupling with the sub cone inside the box. You don't want any obstruction or diffusion between the cone and port. Stuffing is for sealed boxes.