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Anybody connected with USACi?

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The reason why people are probably not going to be going to the show in NH on that day is because it falls on the same exact day as USACi World Finals in Wichita Falls, TX. If I were a betting man that would be where I would be putting my money at.

I'm not interested in "people" going there. Nobody from this region seriously competes in USAC anyway so none of the locals will be at finals. I'm more interested in weather or not USAC will send a judge to run the event. It'll be close to 4 hour drive for me each way so I'd hate to waste my time but if there was confirmed going to be a judge there hosting it I'd show up just to post up a number in their org.

Well, the show is listed to take place on the October 9th date according to Termpro, which is an official partner with USACi, so I would be pretty confident that the show is going to take place. Also I was referring to "people" as the "people" from USACi not showing up due to this. I was not even speaking about competitors and if I were I would have referred to them as competitors. My reference of people was to that of the one's affiliated with the USACi organization and I feel like the majority, if not all, will be in Texas for the finals event. Good luck if it goes down though.

BTW, here is the link to the page on Termpro, a simple google search would have given this info though ;)

OK, so basically you're trying to be a smart arse and don't know any more than I do. Yes I saw it at Termpro site but a local shop and the guy who runs all the NADBL shows in this region said that nobody from USAC is coming. So if "people" (from USAC) are all going to be at finals why don't they take it off their site? If local social media has my answers the rumor among the locals is that they're not sending a judge.

The ONLY reason I'm asking is that it is posted at Termpro site, hence the discrepancy and I repeat I was hoping someone who actually knows somebody at USAC can get this cleared up. SOMEBODY on this board knows someone who would know for sure I'm very confident.

You got me all wrong friend, no one is trying to be a smart ass. If its coming across that way maybe reread it and reevaluate the context. I was trying to be helpful, and if it's on Termpro then the show is most likely a for sure lock to happen otherwise the info would not be on there. It is the organization that adds and updates the information on Termpro for their particular area not a 3rd party or the Termpro site administrator. So if it's up there it's because USACi put it there and intends on holding the show.

The whole "a simple google search" comment was an unnecessary jab at me. Implying I hadn't already looked at the USACi website is somewhat insulting.

If I were a USACi member and wanted to attend this show I'd try the closest Show Director to me.

Straight from their web site:

Well I'm not a member and nobody is even remotely near me, but I have sent an email to their general gmail box so I'll report back if and when I get a reply.

Nah man it honestly wasn't a jab, it's the internet and if you assume that anyone has any common sense or does the most logical thing first you are the one that ends up looking dumb. That is why I always give the most simple, logical answer first and then assess the situation from there.

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