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  1. hispls

    EMF audio.... good or bad?

    All I found via google search is that he hurt some people's feelings on faceberg. Meade hurts a lot of people's feel feels too, but that doesn't diminish the utility of his products... see where I'm going with this? Did he rip anyone off? Is there a problem with the products? Or are a few people just butthurt over social media arguments?
  2. hispls

    EMF audio.... good or bad?

    There was a guy up here running their ferrite motor 4" coil subs for a while. They seemed to hang with power nicely and he got them loud. They also sell (or used to sell) DD-Z knockoff. Hard telling how good that square motor is. It's basically off-the-shelf Chinese motor with Sundown frames and parts so they could go either way. If the company is shady someone post details to allow the owner to speak his piece, make things right, or to warn away potential victims.
  3. Google up images of the old style RE MT and XXX. Beast subs with no pole vents. Many SPL competitors tape up their pole vents and gain. Your subwoofer motor is NOT a heat sink needing space. If it were they'd have fins. Your friend is very simply giving those subs more power than they are designed to handle period, end of story. Go ahead and inverse mount those subs and the same thing will happen with the magnets out in the open.
  4. hispls

    Limited Space but want 2 15's...

    If your goal is to run 15's for the sake of having 15's go for it. Skimping on box volume or port is a recipe for inefficiency and poor sound, but you'll be able to tell the world you have 15s. I suspect you realistically have enough space to run 1 properly, but I also suspect you have never heard what a good quality 15 in a proper sized ported box can do.
  5. hispls

    Shocker SA4kw "4K" amp pics and internals

    Indeed looks like almost the same layout/construction just scaled up. That's encouraging because both of those are very solid. They've been around a couple few years now and the only ones that have blown up are from gross abuse Mike explained the logic of his ratings but I can't recall under what conditions. Once I et some proper electrical on this I'll at least take some voltage measurements and update. I will say that buildhouse numbers get pretty wild at .5 ohm and 18V. Dunno if I'll ever dare trying to push my luck to try for myself as I'd have to start at .18 to get to .6 or so at my peak. Repairs on amps this size aren't cheap and I definitely don't want to blow it up right yet.
  6. hispls

    Shocker SA4kw "4K" amp pics and internals

    LOL. You realize this is larger than the Crossfire 8K right? did not even make the connection on the dimensions at all. but the dual inputs still has me crossed up! Not sure why he opted for that besides keeping all terminals on the same end? I plan to have batteries very close and use 00 gauge so I doubt that'll be a bottleneck and if it's an issue that's why Toolmaker is there..
  7. hispls

    Shocker SA4kw "4K" amp pics and internals

    LOL. You realize this is larger than the Crossfire 8K right?
  8. hispls

    Kicker zx2500.1 1ohm?

    That's a steal at 250$... in fact if you're buying it from Craigslist it probably is stolen.
  9. Don't mind the mess. Been thinking about owning one of these since they came out, finally got around to making it happen. Amp is too wide for my old amp rack (39.5") and all I've got for power cable is 8 runs of 4 gauge that used to feed my old amps. It's getting proper cold here lately and it was snowing a little today so even after new batteries and 00 cable arrive it may be a bit before I can get things tightened up and to a point where I'm comfortable really trying to see what it can do. You guys think this'll make rated power?
  10. hispls

    Kicker zx2500.1 1ohm?

    Hit or miss on those. I've seen it done without breaking the amp but I've ran the 1200.1 at low impedance without issue, but I have also had Kicker amps getting protect happy when you try to run lower than rated impedance.. I'd say if you intend to play music shop elsewhere for something designed to drive 1 ohm.
  11. The power and ground terminals easily accept 00 gauge welding cable or 00 Sky High (with just a little trimming). Not like it'll be far from your battery bank either. According to the tech at Sound West (who knows them inside and out blindfolded) the glue they used on some components was a bit of a weak link and made them susceptible to vibration damage. I suspect most other failures are people trying to run them low impedance (they are meant to drive 4 ohm).... oh, and I don't think they're safe for 15V + input either. I absolutely loved mine. If anybody is interested, my brother owns my old one now and would probably sell it for 1500$ plus half of shipping.
  12. hispls

    Port area and enclosure size for sp4 15

    My thoughts exactly, though I suspect an 8" flared round port would not sacrifice too much.
  13. hispls

    Who is using the Soundqubed 7K?

    The 3500 is a beast though. Still though, even if it's only a 6500 for 1000$. That's MSRP or less than of many other companies' 5K amps.... really even if it's only a beefy 5K that's not a bad price. I'm more interested in reliability than output, Brazil gives me far more watt:dollar ratio if clamp numbers are my only goal (though I haven't ruled out Brazil). Besides it's not like Qubed is a company that over-rates by double or anything so if it's short of rated it likely won't be by too big a margin. Anybody ever had to deal with their customer service or warranty? I'm half tempted to take a gamble on a couple but don't want to be stuck with something like RD 3250V2, Diablo, The Fix, or those notoriously flammable CT 7Ks.
  14. Their 7K is on sale right now for super cheap, what's the word on these? Anybody using them? Any real testing done yet? Google reveals almost nothing about them.
  15. Great stuff. Really impressed that you're building so much in-house. You guys should go far with this company.