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  1. Neodymium motors have been around 10 years anyway, I like em for the weight savings mostly. They'll give the top tier competitor an edge (most importantly with extreme power levels) but for practical purposes 1dB or so that they gain is still nearly inaudible. I'll have to agree that all around subs that'll handle huge power mechanically are a lot more accessible, as is cheap power. Lithium I still think is the biggest win for pretty much everybody. Sacrificing so much space and carrying the weight of AGM batteries has been a very big limiting factor. That is very much the sort of thing I'd try to build in a trunk if I were to try to build up a trunk car.
  2. One thing to consider is if OP plans to compete putting wood on the roof would put him into extreme modified class. Otherwise, it'll almost definitely help get louder and prevent destroying things.
  3. hispls

    Can bad box make subwoofers get hot?

    Warm sounds pretty normal. Port length should be measured along the center of the port, then add half a port width for any opening that has one side part of a wall.
  4. So looking at DB Drag records, there's a fella from Brazil doing crazy trunk numbers with 1st and 2nd place world records and the next guy in line is almost 6B behind that. The point being, the list of guys doing 155+ out of a trunk has to be very short. If I'm wrong, I'd love to see what these guys are doing. Not like I'm going to try to get a trunk loud but I'd be fascinated to see who is doing what.
  5. hispls

    Help Needed Pls

    If you plan to run 2 15s in a Honda coupe you'd better be planning a wall build. How to avoid making a box that won't fit in your trunk (yep, we've all done it).
  6. Meh, not really. TC 4hp (TRF, TSNS, etc.) Shocker Sig, RE MT, DD 95XX came out @15 years ago and any of those will hang with anything in production now and most of the Korean class D amps are still basically the same circuit they have been, Brazilian amps have been around a decade anyway. The only real game changer for trunk builds by my estimation is battery technology which is really huge. Seems like OP is set on that bandpass. I guess because they look more complicated people think they are better? There's no bandwidth for efficiency trade you can't do the same with traditional ported design and by the time you make a very wide flat response you're down to the efficiency of a sealed box. The real drawback I see is the extra complexity making more places for things to go wrong, and the issue of being able to audition new subs. Most modern high output subs are designed to function best in ported alignment.
  7. Made my personal best SPL score this weekend.  158.7  (DB drag style)  Waiting on batteries now that should get me to 160

  8. Every one I've seen has been like Thor's.... sealed off at the rear seat and ported. I've seen Thor's 10's, I've seen a couple similar with 12s and there was a guy up my way who had a single 15 and a big slot port that did 150 and change on 5K (he used both the AB 500.1 and Atomic 5K) out of his Civic trunk, he owned and tested most of the big boy SPL subs at the time: DC LV5 and 6, DD9515, Shocker Sig, TRF, Sundown Zv2 all got him 150 and small change. IIRC he did 151 and a bit on two AB 500.1s. Downside was that none of those subs really liked 5K. One hard bass song would make them stinky. AFAIK Terry Brocks isn't sealed off but a fart box with a huge forward firing port all the way to the back of the trunk subs up. He is an anomaly and likely has a lot more tricks up his sleeve to get to where he is out of a trunk. Spend a decade building and tweaking trunk boxes like it's your job and you can probably get where he is.... I wouldn't even mention him in a trunk build discussion because what he does is just so far ahead of the pack it's scary. Anyway, single 15 on 5K should get you there if you build a good box, seal off the trunk 100%, and do some tweaking and testing. Pair of 12's may have been better for the sake of double the thermal power handling all things being equal.
  9. Accelerator or no, it is very brittle. CA glue is unbeatable for some applications but I wouldn't trust it for what OP is doing. I also would expect it to shatter under vibration. JB weld is very good for metal on metal and is very solid when cured. Might give that a whirl. That said, I think something else is going wrong if the rivets are spinning, specifically slightly too large hole.
  10. Why not just use two of the 7500s? The difference between 15,000W and 20,000W real world would be <1dB and inaudible. If you're chasing 10ths you could probably invest your money better into going up to 18V (assuming those amps will take it) or otherwise beefing up your electrical system. You really can't over do it on electrical upgrades.
  11. hispls

    EMF audio.... good or bad?

    All I found via google search is that he hurt some people's feelings on faceberg. Meade hurts a lot of people's feel feels too, but that doesn't diminish the utility of his products... see where I'm going with this? Did he rip anyone off? Is there a problem with the products? Or are a few people just butthurt over social media arguments?
  12. hispls

    EMF audio.... good or bad?

    There was a guy up here running their ferrite motor 4" coil subs for a while. They seemed to hang with power nicely and he got them loud. They also sell (or used to sell) DD-Z knockoff. Hard telling how good that square motor is. It's basically off-the-shelf Chinese motor with Sundown frames and parts so they could go either way. If the company is shady someone post details to allow the owner to speak his piece, make things right, or to warn away potential victims.
  13. Google up images of the old style RE MT and XXX. Beast subs with no pole vents. Many SPL competitors tape up their pole vents and gain. Your subwoofer motor is NOT a heat sink needing space. If it were they'd have fins. Your friend is very simply giving those subs more power than they are designed to handle period, end of story. Go ahead and inverse mount those subs and the same thing will happen with the magnets out in the open.
  14. hispls

    Limited Space but want 2 15's...

    If your goal is to run 15's for the sake of having 15's go for it. Skimping on box volume or port is a recipe for inefficiency and poor sound, but you'll be able to tell the world you have 15s. I suspect you realistically have enough space to run 1 properly, but I also suspect you have never heard what a good quality 15 in a proper sized ported box can do.
  15. hispls

    Shocker SA4kw "4K" amp pics and internals

    Indeed looks like almost the same layout/construction just scaled up. That's encouraging because both of those are very solid. They've been around a couple few years now and the only ones that have blown up are from gross abuse Mike explained the logic of his ratings but I can't recall under what conditions. Once I et some proper electrical on this I'll at least take some voltage measurements and update. I will say that buildhouse numbers get pretty wild at .5 ohm and 18V. Dunno if I'll ever dare trying to push my luck to try for myself as I'd have to start at .18 to get to .6 or so at my peak. Repairs on amps this size aren't cheap and I definitely don't want to blow it up right yet.