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The "James (HVCA) Taylor" Shirt Toss Challenge.

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Are you loud enough???

TEAM SOUTH Bassahaulic Productions

The ONLY Bright Atlantic Blue DiamondBoxx L

Drew Jones
Bassahaulic Productions

4 SSA ZCON 15"s
2 Sundown SCV-6000's
6 AGM G31's

161.6 @ 40Hz Outlaw
159.8 @ 36Hz Legal


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Pioneer 80PRS

4 Scan Speak discovery 4" full rage

2 Ampere Audio 6.5 Comp sets

3 Singer 370 Hairpin's

1 Odyssey g78/34-P1500

6 DieHard Platinum Marine g31

4 XS D3100's

DC 175.4

DC 90.4

4 DC 5k's

4 m3 lvl 5 15's

Soundrive RCA's

Lots of welding lead & SkyHigh


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But James tossed his shirt from about 5 yards away from his truck no sitting in it.

Thats cool. Im way too old to be upset by shit like that. Your name is winston. Your own parents hated you even before you were born.

My penis is bigger than your penis

I'm far from loud and my roof/headliner flaps around like Adam's ass on a windy day. I think it depends more on the structure of the vehicle.

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