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  1. Thanks!! As Strangeduck said, the woofers on the M don't play quite as low. But other than that, they are VERY similar in sound.
  2. The DiamondBoxx L is custom painted to match my car. The DiamondBoxx M is blue with bed liner coating to make it more rugged when I take it places.
  3. He said it should be at my house mid-August. I won't be home from Afghan till early/mid September. Same thing happened with my custom painted DiamondBoxx L. He said it would take a few weeks, but I was a few months out so I didn't care.
  4. Those numbers are electrical. Acoustical response will match up. Congrats mr D'Amore on developing yet another amazing product. Next up: Model S with the ND91 and the Model XS with the ND65? I may or may not have hear rumors of a Model XL in the works. This dude gonna take all my money...... lol Worth it.
  5. Not going to be of use in my big build. But I can think of more than one use for these. 1. Removable boxes. (Obviously) 2. Jumper Cable setup in the rear of vehicles with large battery banks/walls. 3. Battery Charger quick connect. 4. .... idk damn, I'm no genius.
  6. I never noticed an issue with my big one. But that cut off isn't a solid stop, it's a slow drop-off. And as the speakers get closer together say playing 3,000Hz they will both be playing it making up any difference in output. And that's why I'm getting the "Model M" and getting the tough "Bedliner" exterior so I won't mind bringing it more places.
  7. Just ordered my second DiamondBoxx. This time the DiamondBoxx M! I got the Blue face with the rugged body to match my custom painted DiamondBoxx L. http://diamondboxx.com/collections/model-m/products/diamondboxx-model-m-duratex-black-w-blue-anodized-face
  8. Starting my new build after I get back from Afghan...... Starting to order parts in about a month. I can't believe how much of my money you'll be getting.
  9. Love to see the younger guys getting into it!! Man I would have loved to have had access to all those awesome tools, equipment, and knowledge at his age. lol
  10. I suppose I could understand him being upset if he had some high dollar, high power amps that were making thousands less than they should..... but I mean....
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