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Conversion van legality

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So I stumbled across an epic deal for an Astro van but it's one of those ones with the conversion van raised roof. I'm digging through rule books but I see no mention of them. Does any sanctioning body have any restrictions on these beyond the normal rules? I wouldn't think it matters but better safe than dumped in extreme cuz of a screwy van.  lol  Thanks in advance for any info.

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In for info also

2007 Chevy Tahoe

12 ~ FI Audio X series 10" w/BP option

2 ~ DC Audio 5.0K @0.67

3 ~ DC Audio 5.0K @1.0 

2 ~ PPI 3 way sets (not installed yet)

1 ~ RF T400-4, 1 ~ RF T600-2, 1 ~ RF T600-4

4 ~ CT Sounds 5.25" Strato comps  (rear fill only)

1 ~ XS Power D4800

1 ~ XS Power D3400

8 ~ XS Power XP3000

160 stock alt, Mechman 370 Elite, 185 DC Power

320+ Sq. Ft. Sound Deadener

Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS


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I think it would depend on if it came from the factory like that or not. I would understand being put in extreme if you modified the van specifically for competition purposes, but i would assume its kind of a gray area. Just my thoughts on this tho, don't take my word for it lol.

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