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  1. I have a 14' Silverado with Bose stereo so did you do integration or add a Head Unit some where? What did you do to have it completely separate? Thanks. PM if need be, not trying to thread hijack.
  2. I'm glad you rebuilt it instead of giving up.
  3. also bought .22 Uzi cheap to shoot also a AK 74 (not 47) Bought me a .416 Savage 308 more AR15's and 10's H&K 9mm I collect guns more than I shoot them these days.
  4. Bought a .22 LR for my daughter. bought myself a 22-250 and I bought two Remington 600 (they don't make anymore) bought more ammo cans and mag cans and some other odds and ends
  5. Gratz on winning! Everything looks great, glad to see you back into the audio game
  6. MN not any better, getting lots of snow in some areas still. I see Thursday the high is only 48
  7. Email Rusty Flowers and ask? I don't know for sure (owner of DC Audio)
  8. Fuck yea kyle, happy as hell for you. I just got 19 ammo cans and a shitload of ammo, it's gonna be a good summer.
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