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  1. Wasteland_Audio

    Critique my design/help with port

    Delete the number of ports and the diameter and leave them blank, it's throwing off the calculations.
  2. Yea a 240 will be enough. And with just one of those XS15k's you will probably never see below 13 volts. Just make sure you do at least 2 runs of decent ofc 1/0 for power and ground.
  3. Ok so to answer a few of your questions. First off the difference between standard and extra stiff spiders is the standard is going to have a lower Fs and be a better all around daily sub. The extra stiff however is more geared toward spl and burp applications which is not recommended if you are going to put actual music through it. Secondly the level 5 is going to have a 3.5" voice coil (somebody told you 3" for some reason). I would recommend getting your recone through DC as Droppin Hz sometimes doesn't have the older gen recones in stock. As far as price goes, I run 2 level 6 18" and get my recones for $250 a piece so yours shouldn't be any more than that through DC. I wouldn't be too worried about this sub being an M1 instead of an M2 tho, it's still a great sub and will get extremely loud in a properly built enclosure. Hope this helps.
  4. I bet the harley chick cooks and cleans tho lol.
  5. Wasteland_Audio

    box for 2-15" hdc4s

    Idk about everyone else here but the math checks out on my end for this build. I say go for it, it should get down.
  6. Wasteland_Audio

    Conversion van legality

    I think it would depend on if it came from the factory like that or not. I would understand being put in extreme if you modified the van specifically for competition purposes, but i would assume its kind of a gray area. Just my thoughts on this tho, don't take my word for it lol.
  7. Wasteland_Audio

    Port size suggestions?????

    Yea that isn't anywhere near enough port area. 3 4" ports only comes to about 37.6 square inches. With that much volume and those subs you're gonna need somewhere between 100 to 130 square inches. To put that in perspective you would need 2 8" ports at 35" long to achieve 30hz. In my opinion you would be much better off with a slot port using 2 or 3 common port walls to keep your volume up.
  8. Wasteland_Audio

    New TV Stand Idea.

    Actually the original idea for this one was a single Dayton HO 10" built into the cabinet at 22hz, but due to budget issues i can do 2 lower power 8s for cheaper (I'm trying to keep it under $400 for everything). The reason i want to do a full range center is the room this will be in is absolutely terrible for a surround application so i need the full range of sound coming from the TV, otherwise if i do a separate sub enclosure the bass would be coming from the right side of the room.
  9. So I've been needing a new TV stand for quite some time now. The current one i have is just some cheapo wal-mart one and it can no longer hold all of my gaming systems and other equipment. I've always wanted to try incorporating a 3 way stereo including subs but all of my previous designs were a little over kill (4 high power 10s in a 4th order). This time i decided to be a bit more conservative. This design uses two 8 inch 100 watt rms subs each in their own 1.87ft^3 ported enclosure tuned to 24hz. I plan to run a small 250 watt rms plate amp to power them. I was wondering if i could get some input from the home audio guys and let me know if this would work well or if i should just give up on the whole integrated sub thing. Thanks for reading!
  10. ..... I don't even know what to say to that. The level of human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.... lol
  11. Honestly you're probably good with just 2 runs. I'm running double that power on a 370 mechman with 2 runs of sky high 1/0 with no problems.
  12. Wasteland_Audio

    Need some help

    For this application I would just stick with a slot port. If you were planning on doing any kind of serious competing then i would lean more that way. However for the sake of daily listening and cleaner install i would suggest slot port all day.
  13. Wasteland_Audio

    Need some help

    this particular design is with both facing back, i wasn't sure if you left any room in your dimensions for this but if not it wouldn't be hard to rearrange it for both pointing up or sub up, port back setup. I have to go to work but i'll be able to redraw it later today.
  14. Wasteland_Audio

    New Build complete

    Hey thanks for the quick input guys. I definitely agree with waiting on the Ryzen after doing a little research into it as i would much prefer to run AMD over intel. I think i would probably need more ram as i have been experimenting with making mods and you need to have around 4 or 5 pretty heavy programs running at once to make it easier. As far as budget goes i would like to keep it around $2k which i can completely dedicate to the pc itself. I already have a really nice razer chroma keyboard and mouse paired with a 28" 1080p monitor.