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  1. That happens a lot here in Wyoming with antelope. We like to call them road goats lol. It's a rare occasion to drive more than 5 or 10 miles without seeing one splattered on the side of the road.
  2. I think one of my favorite parts about winter is all the new car crash compilations that come out in the spring lol.
  3. Bro we've all heard your mixtape, I'd rather my kid come home with crack needles.
  4. Article 4, Section 2, Paragraph 1 of the Articles of Confederation state that a citizen of the United States (free inhabitant) is free to travel to and from any state in the Union. However, while within a state, the "free inhabitant" is subject to the laws and regulations of the state that they are in, not the state in which they reside. And this is why dumb bitches like this need to do their homework lol.
  5. It is fairly common for people to exceed recommended enclosure size to boost output of a subwoofer. However, you do run the risk of exceeding the subs mechanical limit and causing serious damage. The more power you run to a subwoofer, the smaller the enclosure must be to keep the cone under control. Since you will be running these subs under rated power, you should be ok making the enclosure slightly larger than recommended and be fine, plus you will see a decent rise in output over the same setup in a smaller box.
  6. 33hz will be fine for that. I personally tune in the high 20s but i listen to nothing but bass boosted/decaf music in the low to mid 20hz range. As long as you try to avoid super low music it'll be cool.
  7. It wouldn't hurt anything or even change the tuning much narrowing it an inch, so no problems there. I did notice that we never discussed your desired tuning tho. Right now the design is tuned to 33hz. If you want it lower than that I can redesign the enclosure and if you want it higher just take an inch or two off the length.
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