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Photoshop artist?

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Looking for a good photoshop artist to create a logo for my new lighting and furniture business.

im starting a small business making custom lighting and furniture,  I specialize in industrial style/design, I also do steampunk, vintage farmhouse.

i have an idea of what I want,  my photoshop skills are rusty and I want this to look badass and professional,  I can kick down a few bucks, and could probably send some other business your way,  I’m not rich and I haven’t sold anything yet, and have spent a ton of money on tools and materials.

here is a sample of some lighting I made. 

My business name is

iD Lighting & Furniture.










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Hey David, long time no see man. I did the DAT stuff for ya years ago remember?

Unfortunately i quit my PS activitys few years ago, but i can try if i still have it in my fingers, just let me know if you still need something done.



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