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  1. Im already bac home from Indianapolis 

  2. I’ll be in Indianapolis this weekend for a funeral 

  3. Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle 

  4. Got some 16 gauge mild steel to weld my sunroof closed

    1. WalledSonic


      Git it dude. Im welding structure to my front and back windshield seam.  Go ahead and stitch up anything that flexes on your car while youre at it.


    2. bolanorthhighlands


      It wasn’t me that did it. I took it to someone

  5. I Was in the hallway and my aunt was in her room with the door closed. It was pitch black and silent in the hallway. She farts unladylike and scares me

  6. Battery finally took a shit. I hope nothings wrong with the secondary

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    2. moh.vze.com


      But I haven't tested to see if it's dead ~.~. For all I know it could be pulling power from my XS D2400 and XP3000.

      Nonetheless, I'll be replacing all three batteries within the next few months with new ones for a fresh beginning.


    3. bolanorthhighlands


      i replaced my front batt.. now i want to replace my rear batt

    4. moh.vze.com


      gotta wait for them 20% site wide eBay promotions :)


  7. 35 on the front windows and 70% on the windshield is stopping some of the glare

    1. Broke_Audio_Addict


      How bad is it driving at night with the windshield tinted?

    2. bolanorthhighlands


      Not bad. I get a lot of headlights shining thru and flashing me

  8. I know that luxury liner pro won’t sponge it up and soak up all the water
  9. I had some kitty hair. Brand new never been opened ever since I bought (a year or two ago(& hardener)). I stored it in room temperature and the guy said the shelf life lasts forever. I go to use it a couple days ago(after a year or two). I thought it was gonna be body filler. But it was real fiberglass. I didn’t know.  It was watery, with fibers, & was nothing like body filler on YouTube. I tried stirring it to get it to be more like body filler instead of fiberglass. But it was still kinda watery. Then I mixed the hardener with it. And the hardener was watery. I tried squeezing the tube of hardener and stir/mix the hardener back to the texture it’s supposed to be. But ended up just mixing watery hardener with watery kitty hair. It was cold and dark outside. I did not think it was gonna dry.

  10. Almost threw up at work?

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    2. bolanorthhighlands


      Then I went to get some soup at Safeway. & I coughed standing in line. & I accidentally farted in line when I coughed.

    3. audiofanaticz


      The fart and cough is always a good one and feels so strange

    4. Skullz


      Better farted, than sharted.  lol

  11. Dropped my phone in the parking lot when I got to work at 11am. Didn’t find out it was at the police department til 12:30pm. Whoever found it, unlocked it, texted my dad. And returned it to the police. I’m wondering how the police department could gather all that info and call my mom? And it’s kinda crazy to think that whoever found had access to texts and anything they wanted in my phone. But I’m happy they returned it

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    2. bolanorthhighlands


      Hecka nice of them. I might have left it unlocked when I dropped it. So it was unlocked from 11am(when I dropped it). Until 11:51am(when they texted my dad).  But shit, I have it now 

    3. SkarredSierra


      Tweekers around here woulda stole that fucker before it hit the pavement.

    4. 06RTCharger
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