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  1. Finally got the second alt in the car https://www.facebook.com/bola.northhighlands/videos/1669664699902791
  2. Any body know how to build the plastic around the back of the bullet or add any material to build up the plastic magazine?
  3. Im already bac home from Indianapolis 

  4. I’ll be in Indianapolis this weekend for a funeral 

  5. Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle 

  6. Got some 16 gauge mild steel to weld my sunroof closed

    1. WalledSonic


      Git it dude. Im welding structure to my front and back windshield seam.  Go ahead and stitch up anything that flexes on your car while youre at it.


    2. bolanorthhighlands


      It wasn’t me that did it. I took it to someone

  7. Crashed my car September 1st on the freeway. just got it back on the road. It looks ugly right now but it will get better. I couldn’t remove my doors and replace them because I didn’t want to get rid of the second skin. it looks like I will need to. When I crashed, my mom gave me a car with blown head gaskets but it runs
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