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17 hours ago, akuma4u said:

The SA 12s are STILL prob the best sub you could get at its price point however when compared to the U series..

yes there is a difference, they hit harder and take more power. As i stated before, its like an SA on steroids. With the release of these U series subs, it is my opinion and feeling that it officially and firmly places the SA series into the ENTRY level category (I know they were kinda already there but now its like official). For those looking to do a common dual 12 set up with the popular sa12s,. i would spend the extra money and upgrade to 2 12 Us instead,.. they will work in the same space/enclosure as the SAs but will require more power. End result will be totally worth it.

After getting this U sub I am now debating whether to keep my sa12 as a back up emergency sub or just sell it off..

Ok 👍 thanks, I’ll be buying 2 sundown u series 12” soon😁😁

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