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Owner - Guy Stevenson

This rig, was stripped down from a LARGE previous build. My local besties Wyatt, and Jr (same two clowns involved HEAVILY in the making of the ALPHA BLAZER) pulled a huge build, in less than a month. Stripped a very large build out of it, and went to work. Got to hit wyatt's house, again meet his rad wife, Natalie, and thier brand spanking new baby boy Edison. With all his shit going on, him and JR, got to work, and pulled it off in time for Guy to get to slam, and wreck some faces. Adam, (ALPHA BLAZER builder/owner, gets a demo of it himself,.. such great dudes, wish i got there to slam with Adam)  Anyway, checker out,.....and, Uber proud of them. 

A gander of the drivers. I dont care for "large large drivers", but, i gotta say..... jesus. I liked what i saw. I have a ok sized paw, .. look at the spring inputs,...lol. 




Guy, havin a blast at SlamO



Enjoy,.... and let em know, what you think. For building it, with little time, DRIVING the damn thing from Utah to Indy, . mad respect. Super stoked to see it actually get tuned (vent/loading wall, amps, tweaks) and come in. 

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Didn't get a chance to get a demo of this at slam, but I saw it. Looks like a beast!

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