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What's in the box Wednesday? Episode 1 - Not So High Current

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I recently got a mystery box in from my buddy Brad at Legends of Car Audio, so I thought you guys would like to see what's inside? Please let me know if you like these mid-week surprise videos. They will have less editing and I may not always Dyno test an amp, just show off stuff I come across. Thumbs up if you want more!

Watch on YouTube in UHD or embedded below:


See my videos on YouTube http://www.willistonaudio.com  Many tests and demos of OLD and NEW SCHOOL car audio gear!

See cool pics on Instagram @oldschoolstereo

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I didn't have this exact amp but one that was bigger......15 years ago. I had to take the handles off to fit behind the seat of my Silverado. Sucks it waaaaay under performed.


Thanks for the memories though Big D!

2010 Accord Sedan

XS D3400R

Clarion HU

Sundown mids and highs

Incriminator amps

Incriminator Lethal Injection 12"

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