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  1. twalker182

    Choosing an amp :'(

    I'm no mathematician but looks like $200......
  2. I didn't have this exact amp but one that was bigger......15 years ago. I had to take the handles off to fit behind the seat of my Silverado. Sucks it waaaaay under performed. Thanks for the memories though Big D!
  3. Sat in this at the Sundown Show back in August....insane.....and demo'd ALL DAY and never took a break!!!!
  4. @chevzillayou're gonna love the improvement after you install that new battery. I could be wrong but unless you got something seriously wrong, your voltage is gonna be 13.5+.
  5. 1) Comes on board. 2) Asks a question. 3) Two people tell him to do it right the first time. 4) Does what he was going to do in the first place.
  6. Stock bulbs....same ones from the factory in 2010. 104k miles and still going strong,
  7. I just liked that voltmeter. It's clear and is "fast"'s UsainVOLT When I did the aftermarket head unit....I still have the digital ac/heat controls but lost the direction (N,S,E,W) and the radio info (which is now on my head unit) on that screen I bought aftermarket terminal posts. These aren't the exact ones I bought but it's the style I have.
  8. I took everything out of my car from the factory stereo wise (in regards to disabling the ANC). I'm not even using the factory door speaker wires. We ran all new wiring in the whole car. I;m sure you can find a solution online though. I'm running a Dioguardo Engineering UsainVOLT voltmeter. I made a 3D printed "box" for it and it sits in the little cubby hole in front of the shifter. I just put some 2-sided tape on the bottom of it. It's a great voltmeter. I've been running it for almost 2 years also with no issue. Another thing you're going need to do is sound deaden the trunk area. That thing rattles like a motherf*cker. Also, I took off my rear panel and ran weatherstripping around the upper perimeter where the plastic meets the glass. That would smack against the glass and make an annoying rattle.
  9. Mine is the 3.L alt is a 130A also. I'll have to look under my hood and get back to you on the big 3 layout. I installed it 2 years ago. I used OFC 1/0 OFC wire. I do remember that. I took the little plastic shroud off that goes around the battery as it's just slightly larger than the stock battery. The "reverse polarity" just means the positive and negative terminals are the opposite of standard version. It's the same orientation as our stock batteries. I never touched the ELD. Using my voltmeter as a gauge....when my voltage drops down to 11.9-12.2.....I just turn the headlights on and i'm back above 13.5. Someone told me once you can just clip some wire and it turns that ELD crap off but his battery light stays on all the time and I personally don't like having a battery light on.
  10. I have a 2010 Accord. I have a XS battery under the hood and big 3.....I have a voltmeter installed. I'm seeing 13.5ish volts at full tilt (2k watt system) and my headlights still dim. I wouldn't sweat that. Putting an AGM battery under the hood is going to make a huge difference.
  11. twalker182

    Sealed or ported?

    @PC Principal @Bret I know what everyone likes is subjective but I love metal on my ported sub. Was just listening to BTBAM earlier and the drums sounded great. I'm tuned around 34. I have just never been impressed with overall output when I ran sealed.
  12. twalker182

    Sealed or ported?

    Ported FTW