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  1. Was Blaupunkt ever reputable? I grew up seeing them being sold at Crutchfield. They always marketed them as having "German engineering" but never knew anyone personally running that brand.
  2. Thanks @Karkov If they were both oriented the same way it would make my decision easier. I will be using for mostly music. I might just go ahead and get the larger sub. Plus it has more power.
  3. My question is in retrospect....is the 11 worth $100 more than the 8.
  4. I currently have a LG soundbar and am pleased for the most part but i've had it for like 6+ years and the wireless sub goes out intermittently. I want to replace it with something a little more substantial. I'm looking at the Klipsch RSB-8 and RSB-11. From what I can tell....the main difference is the wireless sub. The 8 has a 6.5" down firing sub and the 11 has a 8" side firing sub. The 8 is 60W total and the 11 is 165W total. Is a side firing sub going to get as low as a down firing? Does the 165W total wash out the 60W system? There is a $100 difference between the two. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Not being funny.....can someone explain to me what i'm looking at?
  6. Run it.....$429 really isn't that bad...especially for DD quality. Sundown's 5 channel is roughly the same price but "only" puts out 500 on the sub channel.
  7. It's all good man....hard to distinguish the (2) out of .... "2 kicker 2 ohm dvc 10 inch L5s,2 alpine m-500 amps" It looks like a damn VIN number....lol.
  8. That's like in television shows when a woman doesn't realize she's pregnant with twins until she's giving birth...but the opposite......
  9. He already has second one. He thought he was gonna get 1000w total with both but with his DVC situation is only getting 600w total.
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