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Wiring diagram for factory system?

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I have a 2016 Toyota Sienna with a 10 speaker JBL/Entune audio system and BluRay RES

Looking to add a simple sub amp and stealthbox type enclosure to the rear storage space, much like this




I'll be using this tiny amp from my previous system




Thing is, I need to add a line converter and need a wiring diagram for the factory system


JBL says it's a 10 speaker system with an 11 channel DSP amp (the factory sub is a DVC, so i'm guessing that's where the extra channel comes into play)



I plan on mounting the NVX amp and line converter under the dash, so a short run from the factory amp under the seat would make things easy.


Took a quick peek at the factory amp earlier today and this is what it looks like:





Anyone have a wiring code for this?






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Wow, thanks for the quick response.

Would you also happen to have a diagram for the BluRay player?







I'm trying to get the composite video out signal so I can connect to another monitor (head unit screen)




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If you get me picture of the back side of the plugs I might be able to help you figure it out.


Usually video wires have a shield around them so it makes them a little easier to find. Unless they are using a digital signal which would be much harder to tap into.

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Once I know for sure it's actually possible, I'll do whatever it takes to get it done

On our older 2014 Sienna, all we had to do was set the parking brake to get it to play on the head unit (like this)




And of course there was an easy bypass for the brake if you wanted video in motion.


On my 2016, it has an Entune head unit and the controls for the BluRay player show up on the screen, but no video

There are video adapters that let you connect external video sources to the head unit like this




Just looking for a way to get that source from the BluRay player



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