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  1. I run one daily. 1 ohm, 2 Batts and stock alt. No problems going on almost 2 years now.
  2. I run an md8000.1 in my truck with almost stock electrical. I just have one extra battery and the big 3. But stock alt and only one AGM. The other battery is a regular old lead acid. I honestly think you'll be ok. I would hook up a voltage meter to the amp for the first couple weeks just so you can learn the limits you can push it to. Get a high quality battery in the trunk at the minimum.
  3. It's short because your port area is super low. You only have 24.5 sq in. I would go with at least 60 sq in if you're running them at full power.
  4. You may have damaged the amplifier already. Check for continuity between speaker wires and chassis ground.
  5. Where does the voltage meter measure from? Does it run all the way to the battery? Or is it tapped to the cigarette lighter that you are using for your charger?
  6. I bet the amp is bad. Even if the sub was blown or on its way out, that should not be the cause of a hum. He says he removed the RCAs and the hum persisted. So I would think it's the amp itself. Take pics of the wiring to the sub and we can help you set it up correctly for the next amp. Dont worry about what kind of equipment you're running. Everyone starts somewhere and sometimes you just have to work with what you have.
  7. Good work man. This is awesome. For the foam try this stuff: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Universal-Seal-1-in-x-1-in-x-12-ft-Impregnated-Expanding-Open-Cell-Foam-Sealant-Tape-HD-ASR-25-25-04/205360418 It's made for metal roofs and seals really well. You should be able to stack it to fill the gap on top.
  8. Sorry for going off topic but please post pics and videos of possible. I am extremely interested to see this.
  9. If you had a standard radio you should be able to get a BHO1761 from best kits to repair it. Just look up a pic and see if it look right. They shouldn't have cut your wires, they sell harnesses for a reason. Shops like that give us all a bad reputation, if you need to destroy a car you should make the customer aware of it beforehand. Sorry bud.
  10. If you can't find a download for the manual online it's usually a sign it's garbage.
  11. Get a quality battery under the hood first. Big 3 doesn't always fix dimming but it is still a benefit to your system. Most capacitors are garbage, what brand is it?
  12. New vs Old I've had them in for about a week. They are definitely louder. I am really impressed by these things.
  13. It doesn't matter if you use 40 or 50hz. What matters is the DB. 0db is the safest but leaves a lot on the table. I wouldn't go past -10 DB.
  14. The long awaited 8's are finally here. Picked them up this morning. I should have them installed by next Friday.
  15. I've ran mine for over a year. MD8000.1 though. No problems. Just don't wire below rated ohm load.
  16. Taramp's MD 3000.1 1 Ohm 3000 Watts Class D Full Range Mono Amplifier https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F2JQKWX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_VxhXDb219C5GY
  17. I run 4v pre outs to my taramps MD8000.1. I think it was the HD models that didn't like higher voltage, but not sure.
  18. The subwoofer changes impedance depending on frequency as it's playing. So the amp doesn't always see 2 ohms. This will reduce amplifier output. To calculate your impedance divide the voltage you measured from the Fluke by the amperage from the Kline. Try measuring at different frequencies and you can make a graph. That would be your impedance curve.
  19. It depends how much it is. I wouldn't waste my time for 20 but if its 100 or so I'd go for it.
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