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Difference in Lithiums

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Good morning dudes / dudettes.  I am hoping someone can share why there is such large differences in cost between limitless/JY 40Ah batteries vs the one in the link below.  Also, is there such thing as a drop in replacement? They are claiming that it can be used as a replacement without issue.   I am looking at running an AGM up front, this LifePO4 in the back, and I am guessing it will be a 270amp mechman or Iraggi alternator in an 02 Xterra with roughly 8000 watts RMS.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Yes with lithium batteries you have to look at the C ratings. This determines how fast you can charge/discharge the batteries.

Limitless and JY had the market cornered at first and priced accordingly. Ripping people off seems to be the name of the game these days. DIY options and other lithium chemistries have brought prices down drastically. I personally wouldn't run JY or Limitless, quality products no doubt but you can consider them like the Sundown of batteries.

Sitting around waiting to be installed:

  4 FI X 10

 270 CES alt

D3400/73ah lithium

 AA 3800.1

  (2) AA 75.4


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Just got back on the forums and saw this. Yes, as far as Limitless goes (and i am sure other options can as well), you can drop our battery in, delete your AGM at the front, and run EVERYTHING off of just our battery. We have tons of guys running their entire cars and systems off of just one of our 25ah batteries. They can be mixed with AGM, but it is not the best way to do it. For daily drivers, it is something that can be done but the agm will draw the lithium down from the lithiums 13.4 resting voltage down to the AGM's resting voltage in the 12.5-12.8 area. So the AGM will be bringing the lithium down but the daily driving/charging makes it bearable. If you have any questions on anything or any of our products, give me a call at limitless at (775) 384-8247.


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