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you can price the parts other then that Steve is the only person who can answer that... the subs are 1500 a piece so $3k there and you will have to find someone who will build a box like that.... wiring wont be hard to figure out and l.e.d strips can be had on amazon amps are different prices so you will just have to figure out what brand of amp you want then go from there .. dc 10k is $2.4k 

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2 hours ago, Highdensities said:

I want to purchase a unit like the Skeletor box. I will be in the market within days. How much did that setup cost (subs, wiring, box, LEDs, etc)? I might need some help. Money is not an issue, but I want one.

Well, as was already stated, those two subs are $3K.

So unless your sponsored, theirs no getting around that.


Now, does this box need to look as cool... Inside and out, with acrylic, LED's, etc ???

Or does it just need to sound as good ?


The reason I ask, is that I could build a box in my garage that sounded as good by: 

1) giving Bobby Gately $150 or $200 to design it for me and give me the plans.

2) having my wood shop chop up the pieces for me for like $150

3) $100 for screws, glue, paint, a little wire, terminals, etc.


.....and I think for $500 (and $3K for the subs of course) it would "sound as good" as Skelator box does.


Now, you want it to be "as cool" as the actual Skelator box too ? Ha ! Good luck.

Find you a master builder like SMD who's not too busy, and maybe he might build it for you for (without speaker costs) $5 k ? ....I mean if he didn't get anything out of it but a paycheck. Advertising, and sponsorships and such are a different thing though. If you have a bad ass vehicle that your taking to shows and such, and that builder's name is plastered on it in LARGE writing you might get it done for a lot less.


So, my guess, for the cost plus speakers:


Done for you, and as nice (coolness factor) as the original Skelator box 

$8 to $10K


Done by you, to sound as good, but skipping most of the cool factor....






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