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  1. But is it bigger than the RF Power 1000 25 to Life ??? That's a big ass beast too ! These 5 ch amps are great to keep things simple though. Especially in a small car where your just running a front and rear set of coaxoals, or even separates, in the stock spaces, and a little 8" or 10" sub in the trunk... Throw in a nice, but cheap little deck, and Bam ! It's going to sound better than dam near any stock system... In spite of the fact that some stock systems nowadays sound pretty good.
  2. BTW, any of you own other DD amps ? Even mono blocks or 4 ch's ? How do you like them ? Solid ? Good value ?
  3. Hey Broke Audio, what brand are your two 5 ch amps that put out this kind of power ??? I've searched high and low, and honestly, this DD 5ch is the strongest (on paper) that I have found. I'd be open to other brands that could make similar power...
  4. Of course we all want as many watts for as few $ as possible, so the amp Dyno tests are great for this. But is their any significant difference in SQ between an amp that makes say 1000wts for $200 and an amp that makes 1000wts for $600 ? Now of course I understand that their can be huge differences in SQ depending on how an amp is used.... Most especially concerning subwoofer enclosures. But I'm talking "all things equal here". Say a guy has a nice, properly set up system, with a high quality, actual 2000wt mono amp, but it finally dies. So he replaces it with a cheapo amp which does still actually produce 2000wts on the dyno. Are we going to notice a small difference in SQ ? A huge difference ? No difference ??? Even if no difference, maybe the higher priced amp might be more durable, additional features, better looking? Your thoughts ?
  5. Thanks guys. Yea, I know the right box is 90% of the deal. Was just surprised to see the frequency response for those Skars listed at only 40hz. Even if that were true, I'd expect them to exaggerate this a little.
  6. Thanks again Trit. DLH, those look pretty nice too. Fat X max ! Interesting that the FS on those is only 33Hz, but your tuning it down to 26Hz ! Hmmm. No problem with that, huh ? Will consider these too though... Thank you.
  7. Of course I've looked at Fi's... and I know they are great subs, but expensive, and who knows how long until their X is available again. But about those FU's, wow ! Those look great ! Nice price too. I couldn't find some of the parameters though... most importantly, the Fs and Qts ? I sent a letter to there support.... Anyway, those are going to be a strong consideration now. Thank you
  8. Okay, so I'm starting to drive myself crazy... and I don't want that to rub off on you lol But about the Alpines, both the Type R and S, I had forgotten they have that funky surround... which I have only had one previous experience with, but it was a negative one, so I kind of have that stuck in my head. Also, while I agree with you on the Type S because it has the more even response, its also only good for half the wattage Are their any other 12" subs in the "less than $200 range that you think would be good for my purposes here ? Also (I hope this makes sense) but will it hurt anything if the subs are positioned in such a way, that one of them is just a little bit closer (12") to the port opening (in-line, instead of side by side) ? I thought I could have them side by side... but then remembered the box will only be about 19" wide.....
  9. Hey btw, I just did a few quick calculations, and found that I could easily go with two 10" subs, instead of one 12"..... which effectively doubles my power handling, and gives me about 35% more cone area.... They would still have the same t-line length for 30 Hz tuning.... obviously a little more expensive of an option.... but how does this sound with SQL in mind ???
  10. Triticum, wow, that's a lot of stuff to consider. Read this post like 3 X's before I was brave enough to respond ? Okay so I trust you, but going all the way back to a few of the first posts by Foreverbumpn, he made it sound like I should have "at least" as much port area, as the cone area of the driver, but that a little more was probably better ? That in mind, when I was doing some of my original 'napkin' sketches, I was shooting for just over 100 Sq in, figuring most 12" subs at about 95 Sq in.... I mean, I'm sure I could easily tighten that up to 95, or even 90 Sq in.... But how about if I just used more dampening insulation ? Again, for my situation, getting the t-line length quite a bit longer, to get the tuning down to the 26Hz FS of the NVX VCW 124, would be quite a bit tougher anyway. Also, would dampening help the sub handle more power ? I'm thinking dampening might help me in several ways.... deeper, flatter, and better power handling too..... true ? So what do you think about my choice of subs ??? Would an Alpine Type R or S be any better ? Also, considering that T-lines reduce power handling, if it were you, would you run my sub channel at 2 ohms to get it down closer to 450-500 wts rms ..... OR, should I be looking at a different sub which is "normally rated" at 1500-2000 wts, to be sure it can actually handle 935 wts rms in a t-line setup ??? Anyway, the only part of this that's already decided, is my power, as the rest of my system works great for my truck, and I'm simply going to yank out the current box, and put in a new one..... What would you do if you had this amount of power, space, and wanted an SQL setup ???
  11. Thank you Triticum. So I'm considering an NVX VCW 124.... But open to other suggestions for a 12" SQL kind of sub, in the $200 or less range. Would an Alpine Type R be any better ? I can pretty easily give this 12" sub about 100 sq inches of port area, and a 9 1/2ft transmission line (for about a 30 hz tuning) but the NVX VCW actually has an FS of 26hz. I might be able to get another 1 1/2ft of t-line length, for a tuning closer to 26hz, but it would be a lot more work, and I would only do it if the pros here thought it would make a big difference ??? I was thinking about going with a 30 hz tuning, and maybe using some dampening, to get it down a bit deeper, plus help to flatten out the response a bit too ? I can give this sub 935wts RMS from my RF Power 1000, into 1ohm.... But I hear that I might need less power in a T-line enclosure (which is really like a free air enclosure, in many ways) and so if I run it at 2 ohms, I can get about 500 wts RMS.... Hmmm. Is more always better ? I mean I will already be going from 2 15"s to 1 12"..... Still want to rattle my internal organs a bit lol What other questions do I need to be asking ?
  12. Okay, if anybody sees this and wants to respond, I've taken my questions to the T-line sticky thread. My bad for not knowing where to start. Mods can delete this thread if they want.
  13. I'm actually very interested in building a T-line setup for one 12" sub for my F150 truck.... But posted a new totitle called, "Its been a very long time".... as I saw that this thread had not been visited in over 5 months. Does anybody know what happened to Foreverbumpn ? Any new T-line pros here nowadays ? I could ask ? / and discuss T-lines here.... Or within my new thread.. whatever is appropriate.... Much thanks in advance.
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