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  1. I would ask Bobby Gately. I know he builds amazing stuff, but it seems odd to me to build an enclosure, without having a specific sub to design it for ?
  2. Bro, you don't know how torn I am ! I know that is a really awesome HU.... but like I say, I've found that a lot of Dayton 408 users have reported problems with HU's of 5 volts or higher.... Plus, the backup camera option (which coincidentally, I came about an inch from backing in to BMW SUV yesterday) Besides all this, I think ANY new HU is going to improve my system like night and day, as I've had issues with my current Kenwood HU for a long time..... which became even more obvious this morning when I turned all my bass boost controls down to zero (on the HU and my amp) and then had to set my amp gain to like 95%, which obviously is a problem. Honestly, I think my HU output is way lower than it should be from 1-30, then, once it gets to 31 - 35 it jumps up WAY loud..... to about what you would expect with the gain set to 95%.... Stupid. Can't wait to get that POS out of there, and replaced with something that functions properly. Amazing it can sound as good as it does, when I work around these issues.
  3. TY Ehaul. Yea, I'm pretty anxious to order my Pioneer 2660. Something I hadn't mentioned... I've been having a problem with my Kenwood for a long time... A known problem that is supposed to be fixable with a software update, but 3 calls to Kenwood, following step by step instructions, and nobody could figure out why my unit won't update Basically it affects the volume (voltage) out put. So not only is my volume control not even close to linear... 30 is not loud for shit, and 31 is crazy loud, and trying to clip...Sometimes. But also, if I have my bass boost at the HU, and the amp, turned all the way down, and my bass knob at zero, I have to set my sub amp gain to like 95% ! Which obviously is not right. but rather than beat myself up trying to fix that, I'm just going to put in the new HU, and I'm 95% sure that will fix all of those issues.
  4. Hey Gig, I was just checking out that deh, and it looks really solid. Only two things, if I don't get a double din, I'm going to have a lot of empty goofy space... But the real deal breaker is, I've heard that any HU with over 4 volt outputs, is going to make all kinds of noise when used with my Dayton 408 processor.
  5. Sounds pretty rediculous ! Love it
  6. Thanks again guys. Honestly, I just don't trust my ears enough. I'm sure the DD1 or an oscilloscope would hear distortion starting before I would.
  7. When SMD has Gately build a box for him (in spite of the fact he builds awesome enclosures himself) you gotta know that's going to be one of the best box builder's on the planet.
  8. My personal opinion about aero ports.... They look cool. I've heard they can help reduce port noise, but as long as your port is big enough, you shouldn't vhave any port noise anyway. You can also make your own flared ports. I made these with 6" riser tube, then heated the edge with a heat gun. Then forced it down over a bowling ball
  9. Thanks Aaron. Yea, I don't know where I got that 32 out of 35 from. But I guess it would really help to have a DD1 , or oscilloscope...
  10. Hey Josh, a good place to start would be to give Sundown a call. Tell them the subwoofer you have, and the vehicle and space you have to put it in. For a simple tuned port enclosure, all you really need is the cubic footage, and the port size, length and diameter. If you have a good table saw, that's cool. But if not, just find a specialty hard wood place to cut it for you. Or second best, a regular lumber yard. DO NOT try to have a Home Depot or Lowe's cut it for you. Oh, 3/4" MDF. Bam. Easy peasy
  11. Yes, I've wondered that too. I saw a quote from Mike Singer telling a guy not to worry about his voltage dropping to 13.7 or thereabouts, as the alternator was designed to put out full amps down to 12 volts.... But I was sitting there thinking, "Okay, but is 350 amps at 15 volts a LOT more power that 350 amps at 12 volts ? Isn't it ? I dunno. But this is the first high powered "aftermarket alternator" I've ever had and so far, I'm really happy with it. But I know there are a lot of great ones out there.
  12. Thanks bro. But yea, so far I'm really happy with this alternator. So, right after I made my last post, I checked and my new ZVX 18" had come in Whoop hoo ! So I had to run across town to my house to pick it up. Then I had to do a quick swap before my GF got home lol So I'm sitting here giving it... And the new amp a test run, and holy shites ! I'm really surprised that increasing my amperage draw by probably 70% made zero difference. I've beat it for 15 or 20 minutes, all different stuff and it hasn't dropped below 13.9. Now I know this is not a crazy high power system, but none the less, I'm pretty stoked with it
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