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  1. not sure what you expect from a 900 watt 12” Try different sources other then the aux cord and reposition the box see if that changes anything.
  2. Just keep the area the same … times the 2 together then play with the dimensions till you get the same as the 2 that was times together and keep the length just for an example of mine was 4X4 that’s 16 so I could do a 8x2 and it would keep the length the same
  3. If you can’t put the box on drivers side try turning the box around to where the port is facing the passenger side and load of that still subs up … then just play with the box as much as you can
  4. A lot of reasons of what numbers people get one of yours look like Position of box is hurting your score…
  5. they had huge lead times because of covid and personal issues just now catching up, And now they are just selling certain motors on Mondays and when they are out they stop selling them and ship that Friday so lead time is back to 7-14 days .. i mean they hand build, and make most of the sub in house so........ anyways i want to pick up a ssd but i have like 6 subs laying around 2 C.V vega series 12"s and 4 dc lvl3 m1 12's soooo not gonna even if i want to lol need ...
  6. Smd has ceramic fuses… seen them somewhere else also … I just bought a bag of cheap plastic ones they have been working fine
  7. I just put the files on my computer then xfer the files to my phone and use the phones media player to do the dd-1 over Bluetooth… also can directly dl the files from the website to your phone and do the same thing. Why do it through Spotify ? Actual question lol
  8. Uh why would you want to calibrate with a higher then 1% thd the higher the thd the worse it is do you mean lower ? A lot of high end audio I’ve looked at is lower then 1% thd not higher (home audio) or did I misread what you said … most my installs are open so the leads are fine for me was thinking of making a 90° Tips and dual alligator clips though for fun but never got around to it mainly because really didn’t need it .. you can dl the files online so cd flash drive etc doesn’t matter to me what it comes on .. like my install Ill be doing I’ll be doing a flash drive and Bluetooth to see if they are different.. factory head unit doesn’t have cd … and dual rcas aren’t needed since you can adjust everything at the amp I know the manual says each thing in the original manual but want to say it says you can at the amp now not sure though only time I read the manual was to see what tracks I needed lol…
  9. Different things can effect impedance rise including things in your car.. think I read box shape also cant remember though… but the isolator can be causing part of the voltage drop… yeah about buying bigger amps I don’t do it at the moment maybe if I ever get a project car again lol
  10. Drop the isolator see if that helps voltage drop.. also try a bank of supercaps
  11. Ozium has single leds that are shaved off the rounded top and it diffuses the light you could look into them
  12. no math isn't right but ehh need to add the phase with the math.. look at Tony Damores video explaining it ... waves looking like that could just be the oscope you did say it was cheap... is the dd1 distortion light on with that setting?
  13. sounds like blown speakers/ dirty potentiometer/ short in wire might be the loc also switch it around see if it moves to the right
  14. I can test mine maybe In a week or so …. I might have missed it but are you using the same db with the other tones? And where did you get those tones .. also since you say there’s crackling it’s sounds like a problem with the chain of signal not the tones itself… if you didn’t get your rcas yet and speaker wires and do that run them over your seat to your amps see if that helps could be getting noise through either of them by something
  15. Man just looked at a few things a lot more interior I have to pull out then i wanted hahaha oh well i have damplifier but not enough luxury liner pro only got that for front doors and back dash and behind rear seats... so guess ill throw damplifier down on the floor while most my interior is out hoping i can fold the carpet up to the center console
  16. A pretty few that had really good output, First one I was really impressed that a ten sounded like it did in a huge as van.. can’t make out his picture I was talking about labyrinth ports
  17. Ended up getting 2 vega 12”s have ideas for a box but still playing with the idea I’ll know more when I actually sit down and look/ measure etc
  18. I was gonna see how many Amazon gift cards I could get with my cc and bing rewards to get the 18 down to 500 or so but pretty sure I don’t lol
  19. The new classic strokers pros are around like 1500 for 15 and like 1600 for the 18 main reason I’m not getting one lol… well Amazon has the 18 for 909 and 15 for 1300 but still to much for this build
  20. I watch soundman lol … not sure the box yet need measurements and stuff before I decide what to do
  21. Yeah probably going with a pair of the Vegas but to me the classic strokers and red surrounds is both nostalgia to me
  22. I want the classic pro stroker subwoofer but out of my price range for a nostalgia build looking at the Vegas since they still have the red surround…. Or the regular stroker and just have red accents not sure yet I have company coming for the month of July so not sure when I’ll get started
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