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  1. But better safe then sorry right? Then get the 8k then and turn down the gain lol
  2. But the 5000 is 3200 rms it won’t be 800 times 4 is 3200 how is that 400 less then their rms
  3. then thats good for the 4 they are 800 a piece right? and the sfb's are pretty cheap and you will have a 5k amp if you want to go a little bigger later
  4. No it is but what was the dyno number at 2 ohms? You are running it at 2 ohms so that’s the number you need to pay attention to
  5. The sfb5000 is still only rated at 3200 rms at 2 ohms which you will be running it at and 800x4 is 3200 watts you will be fine if you set the gain properly… and it got that clamped at 1 ohm right. Wonder if there is a ad-1 video of this amp…
  6. id go with one amp run it at 2 ohms like the sundown sfb8000, 5000rms 2ohms or sfb5000 3200rms 2 ohms, there's a yardsale going on right now no warranty but guaranteed not d.o.a how many watts rms are the x8s website doesnt say
  7. A port calculator http://www.carstereo.com/help/Articles.cfm?id=31
  8. So the box needs to be 7.5 cubes before port and sub displacement kicker says 1.25 per sub.. so each port would need to be 48.6” long for 28hz with your dimensions of 6x10 … you doing one chamber right? …
  9. his guess the alt isnt producing what its suppose to im assuming... Even so two 5000rms amps running at .5 ohms you don't have enough electrical even if it was i know you are trying to solve the issue of the .5 difference and not charging the bank but still, what ohms do your grounds read? if it was me id start all over lol thats what i do when i get frustrates or walk away for a few days lol what ohms do your grounds read?
  10. Never heard of apex … anyways Need a bigger alt and bank for the power you are running
  11. Probably not I just wanted to experiment I’ll have to read that see how it he said it sounded
  12. Trial and error… no modeling software needed lol…. I’m doing a 4th order tlIne box lol someday just to play around with a 5” sub
  13. Just buy a 3+ foot zip tie usually works I bought and lost a regular home wire puller and worked pretty good
  14. Google how I’m sure something will come up how to bypass it
  15. Peoples been running lithium under the hood so I don’t know maybe different type they are using
  16. Unhook speaker wires and rcas see if it comes out… if it does add one at a time test it see if it goes back into protect… check stray strands in power and ground and remote wire also
  17. Why would you set your amp gain to 100% that’s not how you do it all gains at 0 then go down the line
  18. 6 before sub displacement is that also before port displacement ? That’s big airspace for 2 12”s. What’s the recommendations for those?
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