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  1. If it’s cold out yes ferrite can get brittle.. so it might of cracked while heating up playing it and when you played it full tilt cracked it the rest of the way
  2. Why would you take 1500/10 to get your fuse rating? what size wire? and your car acting the way it is, Could be a few things weak/bad Alt, weak/bad battery, bad grounds, bad/loose terminals, probably a combination of things.. ID check all your grounds alt, block, battery, frame etc.. Might as well check all your power ones while you are at it.. but a reserve i.e a battery bank or cap bank would help some a bigger alt also and headlight flicker you are almost always going to get.
  3. well with 4.8 cubes and you want to do 4? ported they are all out you don't have enough cubic feet for 4 ported well didn't look at the sundowns.... pretty sure my 4 lvl3 10s box came out to over 5 with 13.5 per sq of port area per cube id have to look not sure if specs are in my signature or not looks like it was 4.2 cubic before port and sub displacement thats another 1 to 2 cubic feet
  4. as much as i hate jl i did like how the w6 and w7 sound but would never buy them at full price or use them other then a home theater sub lol
  5. They are still on the site just looked.. so not sure where you looked, also buy button is still there.
  6. That’s a super Cap bank right? That is to go as close to the amp as possible
  7. I don’t agree with some of the stuff the guy above me said… but I’d still would buy a full bridge amp to save space since it’s in a truck. Like I said the sfb5000 rated At 3200 rms at 2ohms like you will be running probably does more and has a small footprint
  8. But better safe then sorry right? Then get the 8k then and turn down the gain lol
  9. But the 5000 is 3200 rms it won’t be 800 times 4 is 3200 how is that 400 less then their rms
  10. then thats good for the 4 they are 800 a piece right? and the sfb's are pretty cheap and you will have a 5k amp if you want to go a little bigger later
  11. No it is but what was the dyno number at 2 ohms? You are running it at 2 ohms so that’s the number you need to pay attention to
  12. The sfb5000 is still only rated at 3200 rms at 2 ohms which you will be running it at and 800x4 is 3200 watts you will be fine if you set the gain properly… and it got that clamped at 1 ohm right. Wonder if there is a ad-1 video of this amp…
  13. id go with one amp run it at 2 ohms like the sundown sfb8000, 5000rms 2ohms or sfb5000 3200rms 2 ohms, there's a yardsale going on right now no warranty but guaranteed not d.o.a how many watts rms are the x8s website doesnt say
  14. A port calculator http://www.carstereo.com/help/Articles.cfm?id=31
  15. So the box needs to be 7.5 cubes before port and sub displacement kicker says 1.25 per sub.. so each port would need to be 48.6” long for 28hz with your dimensions of 6x10 … you doing one chamber right? …
  16. his guess the alt isnt producing what its suppose to im assuming... Even so two 5000rms amps running at .5 ohms you don't have enough electrical even if it was i know you are trying to solve the issue of the .5 difference and not charging the bank but still, what ohms do your grounds read? if it was me id start all over lol thats what i do when i get frustrates or walk away for a few days lol what ohms do your grounds read?
  17. Never heard of apex … anyways Need a bigger alt and bank for the power you are running
  18. Probably not I just wanted to experiment I’ll have to read that see how it he said it sounded
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