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Team sundown 18 dual 0.7 ohm sub

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I have a team sundown 18 dual 0.7 ohm sub...its a beast...but I know it can do better that what I have on it...I have 1 taramps bass 3k on it wired to 1.5 ohm...what amp can I use that can handle 0.35 ohms???or should I use 2 separate amps???

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You will most likely want to buy an over built Korean style half bridge. Or two.


Do you plan to use the same box just wire down?  If it is an efficient, low rise, box then I suggest two amps. You could try just one amp. Its a crap shoot of which amplifier will work below 1 ohm. The real question is how long will it work. It could work just fine for one amp and not at all for the next do to variance in production runs.


The only amplifiers I know of that advertise below 1 ohm stable are the JP 23, and the Taramps md 12000.1. The jp requires an extra warranty for below 1 ohm use, so kinda not really recommended but still advertised.


What kind of power are you clamping now and at what resistance after box rise? How is your electrical? What kind of wattage are you aiming for? Instead of wiring down you could go bigger amplifier?

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