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3 way front 2 way rear


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i have a 3 way setup for the front and a 2 way for the rear. i have 2 4 channel amps (PPI a404 and 1 2 channel amp (PROART 50). i have a Crossover (PPI FRX 456)

front tweeters to amp 1, front mids to amp 1, front subs to amp 2, rear mid bass to amp 2, 12" subs to amp 3. my question is What do i do with rear tweeters if i dont have a fourth amp to hook up tweeters too. should i run them with the crossover they came with or should i run them with the front tweeters. or open to suggestions

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I'm kind of confused on your amplifier setup. You have 2 four channel amps right? I can't find any info on the PPI A404 as far as what it puts out wattage wise and I'm not clear on what the second amplifier is. 

But if you don't have another 2 channels, you can wire them in with your other tweeters for a 2 ohm load. That should be fine

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My Precision Power A404 art series Specs

Art Series Model:  X 2 4 channels

4 Ohms, 11-15 VDC, Stereo: 50 Watts

                              2 Ohms, 11-15 VDC, Stereo: 100 Watts

                              4 Ohms, 11-15 VDC, Bridged: 200 Watts

Art Series ProArt 50 specs x 1 2 Channel

                              4 Ohms, 12 VDC, Stereo: 50 Watts

                              4 Ohms, 12 VDC, Bridged: 200 Watts

                              2 Ohms, 12 VDC, Stereo: 100 Watts

                              2 Ohms, 12 VDC, Bridged: 400 Watts

                              1 Ohms, 12 VDC, Stereo: 200 Watts

                              a total 10 channels when i need 12

Precision Power Frx 456 way Crossover

oo            oo                          o
oo            oo                          o
amp1 A404             amp2 A404           Amp3 ProArt 50
red = Front Tweeter
Green = Front MidBass
Purple = Front Woofer
Orange = Rear Midbass or Rear Tweeter
(need another 2channels cant do it right now, what is best way to hook this up?)
Cheyenne = 2 12 inch Sub

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Ok,I see now. You have 2 A404's and a 2 channel for the subs. I see. 

I just looked up the owner's manual on that FRX-456.... that thing looks cool as hell! 

So, only having 2 amps is the main problem. I'd say look into getting a 6 channel amp for the fronts, but, if you're running what I think you're running, you've got one hell of an old school SQ setup. I wouldn't want to taint it with a different amp either. 

So, if I'm correct in what I'm looking at, head unit RCA's into the FRX, then RCA's from there into the amps. Then amps to speakers. I'm no expert so I could be total wrong, (but I didn't want to leave you hanging) and assuming your tweeters are all 4 ohm, if you ran your front tweeters and your back tweeters off the same channel, (meaning you would wire your front tweeters in parallel to get a final 2 ohm load, connect those to a single channel and then do the same for the back tweeters, on their own channel. Just use the same 2 channels you're running your tweeters off now, you'd just be running 2 tweeters per channel instead of 1) at least you would have control over those frequencies from your FRX. You would lose back to front fade controls, and your left and right balance controls, but I think with that setup you don't have that control anyway. 

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You could just run the 2 sets on passive crossovers without the FRX. That's an option until you get the third amp. 

To be able to protect the speakers from unwanted frequencies, they'd have to be on their own channel for the FRX to work properly and maintain balance and fade capabilities. If you want to maintain fade and balance capabilities, I think you'd have to run the rear setup with a passive crossover and bypass the FRX just for the rear. 

When you get the third amp, I would run the front midrange, and front tweeter off 1 amp, run the front mid bass off one amp and bridge the channels, then run the rear setup off it's own amp. 

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2011 Chevy Silverado under construction

My build log here. Check it out! 


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Put a bass blocker on them tweeters and wire them with some speakers in parallel or in series if parallel won’t work on impedance. Didn’t and done. You wouldn’t have to worry about a crossover or any filters. The frequencies going to that speaker them tweeters are wired with wouldn’t matter as long the frequencies are set to play high frequencies too. Don’t worry about setting the amps filter high on them speakers channels because the mids wouldn’t play the higher frequencies anyways. But the frequencies would go to the tweeters instead. That bass blocker blocks mid, and lower frequencies. Only tweeter frequencies would pass through said bass blocker. So basically you just set up a 2 way component using a high pass filter on an amp and some capacitors hooked to some tweeters. A bass blocker is a non polarized capacitor that is wired to the positive run of each tweeter. Preferably soldered on the wire.

These are the capacitors you need. 
there are other options. To be honest, if you don’t do this then just wire them with the other tweeters.

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