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Subs not producing bass like they should

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I installed my subs today but after I test the install they don’t produce the base I thought they where going to even with bass boost on

Specs: skar 1500d

EDIT: Gain, lpf, and subsonic are all turn to the lowest setting

2 skar 12s 4dvc wired to 1 ohm 

4 gauge power and ground

my issue: after I turn it up so much my amp goes into protect mode, my stock alt can’t handle (110a) so they dim a lot after so much but even at a reasonable volume I still don’t get a boom. I will go back through my grounds but I need help 

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You need more electrical and you need to set your gains and crossovers correctly. 

What does your electrical consist of now? Have you done the big 3 with 1/0 OFC? That's a big one. 1500 watts isn't super crazy. Depending on what you have, you might be able to just get away with just doing the big 3 upgrade. 

Also, your gain is there to basically match the output voltage of your head unit. So saying that your gain is flat makes no sense. There are tons of videos on YouTube that will talk you through setting your gains with a multimeter if you don't have access to a DD1 or an oscilloscope. 

Your LPF should be set around 80 hz. Your subsonic filter should be set around half an octave below the tuning of your enclosure. So if the port on your enclosure is tuned to 30 hz., half of 30 it's 15 (that's a whole octave) half of 15 is 7.5 so let's just call it 8. 8+15=23. So in this case, your subsonic filter should be set at 23 hz. 

Which amplifier are you running? The RP, SKv2, or the marine 1500 watt Skar amp? 

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My build log here. Check it out! 


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2 hours ago, SkarMan said:

@Car Audio 83 @DafaselesBy flat I mean none of them are turnt up not even bass boost. It’s the Skar 1500d monoblock amp 


Then you have your gain at 0, which can lead to 0 (or almost 0) output.

You LPF is at 50Hz, which, depending on what you are listening too can be too low.


Try to turn a bit the Gain up (maybe 1/8 or 1/4) to see if you have any bass coming.




Nota : I just saw, if you turned the gain too high earlier, this could have broken the amp, hard to tell here, you'll need to tell us more, send photos maybe..



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