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Limiting speaker volume


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 good afternoon gentlemen about a year ago I installed a full Rockford system in my buddies truck and it sounded great he recently purchased an aftermarket headliner it has 4) 3.5in full range speakers that are aimed directly at the passenger and driver from overhead I wired them to the  head unit hoping that they would not be that loud unfortunately when he turns the system up being that they're aimed directly at you it's deafening and not in a good way.. is there some kind of capacitor or something I can put in line to limit the volume on just the overhead speakers?

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Can you just lower the front, rear, left, or right settings? Or will that effect the rest of the system? 


If that won't work, here's a video on how to make your own volume knob or potentiometer or whatever you want to call it. You don't necessarily have to pay attention to the beginning wood working, but it shows you how to build it. Unfortunately, all the "bass knobs" I can find pre built are all RCA inputs. 



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My build log here. Check it out! 


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Turn the deck up to "comfortable" , on the headliner drivers,..

Then, adjust the gains on the other gear. Basically,  make your peak volume, on the source, comfortable with what it's running, then, adjust the gain, to thar volume.


  Or, get those off the head unit, and amplify them, and have more control. -this is what id do.

Good luck

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Putting them on their own amplifier was our first thought but it's a single cab truck so with the two amplifiers and two 10-inch Subs behind the seat were kind of out of room not to mention their cheap speakers and I don't think they're worth the effort to pull the seat and wiring another amp.. I'm still going to give the potentiometers a try maybe next week when I have some time I'll post again in let you know how it works out

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