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Choosing right DSP amp


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Helix or (even better if you have the money) anything by Audio Control. One of Kicker's amps has DSP connectable through Bluetooth to an app you install on your phone to set everything up.

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With many OEM's now having a source so integrated with the rest of the vehicle, and, or a source/head unit that is actually decent, many are now offering a amplifer with built in dsp, and even some bass restoration. (Many OEM sources will cut the freq's we all want, like the low low end, or even cut down the volume of certain freq's when you turn the volume up. Its usually done to protect the butthole drivers they use in the audio system).

 In later model vehicles/newer vehicles, the damn head unit/source can be so damn part of the entire car, running the ac/heat, cruise control, the security system, all sorts of shit) its forcing the audio companies to come out with products that will blend easily with oem stuff. 


All mentioned above are great. Im a huge fan of the Helix/Audiotec Fischer boards/dsp. Big fan. Although pricey, and hard to find. But many are now doing the same. (as mentioned above with Kicker)

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