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Mids/highs wiring in series/parallel

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My plan is to run 4 d4s6-5 mids per door all 4ohm speakers, and 2 sundown bt-r1 super tweeters 4 ohm. 

Amp for reference is the jp10.4 1000x4@ 4ohms 1300x4@ 2ohms.

The dilemma- the speakers are 200 watt x 4 = 800 Watts, wired series/parallel gets me to 4 ohm. Ok perfect with a little power to spare per channel. But the issue I'm running into is I got shca 8 gauge speaker wire for the main runs from the amp to each door. But the terminals on the speakers are only big enough to fit 1 12 gauge. So how am I gonna overcome this issue? Beings almost every speaker needs 2 wires per terminal, should I use 14 gauge for the speakers then tap off to the 8 gauge main run, I don't really have room in the door for a distribution block. I guess worst case scenario is I'll have to make a distribution center in the door and run each speaker to it with 8 gauge then wire the series/parallel there and then run 8 gauage from there to the amp. 


Any suggestions are appreciated.


Same issue with the super tweeters but only wiring the 2 in each door together down to 2 ohm. 





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14 hours ago, blazn22s said:



i have my Blazer on 20 x 8 reverse wire wheels at the moment , was thinking of putting it on 22 x 8 standard wire wheels . wanted pics for ideas , thanks


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